Get a Sustainability Guide for Your Journey

My coaching system is a proven approach that blends learning, coaching, consulting, and community, so that your sustainability commitment will be amplified.

Things to look forward to:

  • Help your employer learn to design, produce, operate, and sell more sustainably.
  • You as a consumer will learn to better discern between brands who are greenwashing and those who are putting in the real effort, AND to choose best, and purchase responsibly.
  • As an aspiring young professional, you’ll learn the things that more sustainable brands are looking for and be prepared for jobs in this new economy.
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One on One

Are you an apparel industry professional, or an aspiring one, looking to engrain sustainability knowledge and resources into your resume or into your current work? Join my 1:1 coaching program where you’ll get access to The Underswell Movement monthly membership community, access to the full industry course, and individualized coaching and mentoring from someone who’s been where you are.

Sustainability has become a language of its own in the apparel industry and I want you to be totally fluent, so let’s get you started today.

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Let’s spend 25 minutes getting to know each other and talking about where you or your team is at today in regards to sustainability and where you’d like to be in the future.

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Is the brand you work at feeling pressured/overwhelmed – You know it’s time to act on climate, sustainability, and responsibility, but where do you start? There’s pressure from customers, from NGOs, from the industry and even media, and you don’t have a dedicated resource for understanding what to know, where to go, or what to do. The Underswell is a guiding source for knowledge, insights, resources, and best practices to fully empower you and your teams to make the decisions that are best for your company.

You're intrigued and want to learn more – As shoppers, consumers, and fans of brands and products, we are all looking for ways to buy and use responsibly. But, so many brands are talking about “sustainability” and listing out initiatives and actions, and it’s difficult to know which are doing it best, and which ones are simply greenwashing, or even green-wishing. With so many terms, concepts, and expectations, The Underswell can help you get to the point where you can spot greenwashing a mile away, and where you can feel like you’re taking more control of your more sustainable lifestyle.

No “one-place-to-go” - Professionals of all ages are proactively building their resume as they prepare for the new economy that expects any and all positions in the organization to be ready to - and know how to - address sustainability issues (social and environmental) in the business. The Underswell method prepares them and boosts their skills potential with a certificate of completion, and a better understanding of the landscape they’re headed into. 

After taking this course, and working with me for 3 or more months, you'll be able to:

💯 Understand the sustainability language that’s used in professional, academic, and social articles

💯 Authentically contribute to your company’s sustainability program (or help build one)

💯 Make more conscious purchasing decisions (personally & professionally)

💯 Credibly explain your sustainability initiatives to customers and critique the sustainability claims of brands that are in your space

💯 Confidently and boldly enter, and participate in, the modern, conscious economy

What’s included in the 1:1 Coaching Package?

Each client will receive full access to the complete School of Understanding | Sustainability in the Apparel Industry online course. Developed by Derek Sabori, this course – modeled after Derek’s 48-week/3-semester college certificate program at Orange Coast College, Fashion Dept. – contains 24 lectures (each approximately +/- 50 minutes in length) broken up into 12 modules.

Topics Include:

  •  Sustainability concepts
  •  The history of the modern environmental movement
  •  Top environmental & top social concerns
  •  Life cycle thinking and life cycle impacts
  •  Reporting & assessing sustainability
  •  Rankings & consumer sentiment
  •  The SDGs (overview + deep dive)
  •  Nonprofits & Certifications
  •  History of Sustainable Fashion (2-part series)
  •  Review and explanations of important industry reports:
    •  Global Fashion Agenda (Pulse Reports + CEO Agendas)
    •  Fashion Revolution Transparency Index
    •  Greenpeace Fashion at a Crossroads
    •  Ellen MacArthur Foundation – New Textiles Economy
    •  Stand.Earth’s Filthy Fashion Report
    •  KPMG & Textile Exchange – Fashion & the SDGs
  •  How to live a sustainable lifestyle in modern times
  •  Course wrap up – final advice

The course also includes 10-question quizzes throughout to assess learning, and a midterm and 2 finals (each at different stages) so we can gauge understanding.

Additionally, the following is offered for all 1:1 Coaching participants:


  • Monthly guidance discussions – Over the course of the 3-month program clients will meet for a  specified amount of times (according to the chosen package) for 45 minutes at a time in a 1:1 setting with Derek at a regular scheduled time that works best for all. This is an open-forum discussion session where topics and learnings can be clarified, or where the learnings can be directly applied to the client’s career path or current work. Clients come prepared with questions, and Derek is there to add additional insights, offer additional learning materials, and offer sustainability-related advice.



  • Access to the PDFs and Links - Included in the course, are viewable PDFs of the lectures, with links to many recommended 3rd party resources, videos, books, movies, etc.


  • Also included: 
    1. The Underswell All-In-One Resource Guide – Best sites, Best Books, and Best Movies
    2. The Underswell Three Top 10 Sustainability Checklists for Sustainable Living: Fashion, Food and Travel. 


  • Upon completion learners will receive a Certificate of Accomplishment, so long as they’ve gone through the entire course, taken all the assessments, and participated in each of the 1:1 meetings.


  • And finally, the 1:1 Coaching Experience includes:
    • 6 months free access to The Underswell  Movement Monthly Membership portal
    • Progress check-ins over email
    • Goals driven meetings (as required by, and specific to, each client)


  • For those that complete 100% of the requirements"
    • Certificate of Completion + A part of the Rising Tide Mug or Hat (US residents only)
    • Hard Copy of Project Drawdown (US residents only)

This is a fantastic career & confidence building experience!

Join other clients that have gone though the program that have worked for Billabong, PJ Salvage, Tilly's,
Slowe Australia, and RicherPoorer today by booking a call to get started.

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What are clients saying?


Going into the course I knew little about sustainability and now I feel equipped to hold a job position in fashion sustainability. The course changed my life in how I see fashion, nature and the resources we use. I use the course principles every day of my life from the products I purchase to the food I eat. - J. Morrissette, Design Professional


I really appreciated the tone of the educational delivery: Derek delivers with optimism, and constructive energy - on top of stark, fact-based science & study from progressive thought-leaders. Frankly, taking this course felt very empowering and ignited and a fresh fire in my soul. - M. Anderson, Design Professional

About Derek.

I've been a part of the apparel industry for more than 25 years.

But perhaps like you, I didn't learn about sustainability until I was deep into my career.

I made these courses and workshops and developed this method to get the sustainability knowledge I’ve acquired over the last 15 years straight to you and your team in the most efficient - yet thorough and effective - way possible. Learn the essentials, get access to resources, and begin making progress immediately.

Additionally, I know this industry, from the inside, out - I’ve co-founded and launched my own sustainable fashion brand KOZM, been a Global VP of Sustainability for the iconic brand Volcom, worked directly with, and learned from, the world-class Sustainability team at the global luxury group Kering for 4+ years, developed and taught sustainability in fashion courses (a 3-semester certificate program) at Orange Coast College, and have worked with lifestyle brands you’ll surely recognize like: New Balance, Roark, Quiksilver, RVCA, Billabong, Sami Miro, and PJ Salvage,  and have been called on to contribute to projects and events at Snowsports Industries America (SIA), Outdoor Industry Association (OIA), GreenStory, Seeding Change, SIMA, and more.


Schedule a Free Call to Get Started

Let’s spend 25 minutes getting to know each other and talking about where you or your team is at today in regards to sustainability and where you’d like to be in the future.

Schedule a Free Call to Get Started

Coaching Light


  • Includes - The Full Course ($850 value)
  • Includes - 3 hours coaching in 45-min increments ($750 value)
  • Includes - 6 months of Membership ($414 value)
  • Includes - 2 Digital/Audio books ($21 value)
  • Full Value - $1,585

Coaching Pro


  • Includes - The Full Course ($850 value)
  • Includes - 6 hours coaching in 45-min increments ($1500 value)
  • Includes - 6 months of Membership ($414 value)
  • Includes - 2 Digital/Audio books ($21 value)
  • Full Value - $2,335


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