Hey, Apparel Brands!


You and I both know that sustainability is complex and that the climate emergency is upon us and more urgent than ever.


The problem is, for too long the sustainability knowledge that’s required to tackle these issues has been reserved for one department, and sometimes just one person; the sustainability “experts.”

It’s not something that we learned in school, or along our career development path. So, the rest of us are stuck asking ourselves in frustration…

Where the heck do we start?”

I know this from experience [ready my story here].


Understanding the language of sustainability has become expected of us all.

As my sustainability role was developing, I needed one place I could go to efficiently gather foundational knowledge, resources, and insights, and stay up to date on it all in a manner that was relevant to me in an apparel industry brand. 

I couldn’t find that one place

So, after years of piecing it all together, I created The Underswell to change that.

Enroll Your Brand in the Academy Now

Introducing The Sustainable Apparel Academy:

A One-Stop-Digital-Shop to put your team on a self-guided pathway to understanding the complexities and nuances of sustainability in the apparel industry. 

There’s no “easy button,” but this is about as good a place to start as any. 

The Sustainable Apparel Academy is a multi-brand, members-only, online portal designed to empower a large portion of your brand to join industry peers and become more confident, more engaged, and more competent in sustainability matters as they relate to your brand and our industry.

Designed specifically for apparel industry professionals working at brands, The Academy features:

✔️Online signature sustainability courses 

✔️Current events specific to the apparel industry

✔️Frequent mini-lectures on relevant topics

✔️Guest expert lectures + Q&As

✔️Spotlights on concepts, innovations, solutions, organizations, and people you should know about

✔️Explanatory breakdowns

✔️Commentary from an expert who’s been where you are

✔️And more

Get up to 200 people on your team up to speed on the sustainability movement that is changing the way we do business.


Here's What You Get:

☑️ Access for up to 200 of your brand’s employees

☑️ Access to a network of other professionals at other brands going through the same training

☑️ Access to more than 12 hrs of pre-recorded essential & foundational Sustainability training material via our signature online School of Understanding course that I created so you can learn the language that seems so overwhelming 

☑️ 1x Monthly All-Members 40-minute Group Coaching Call w/Derek 

☑️ 1x Industry Expert Discussions & Interviews (Recorded/Live) on special topics 

☑️ Mini Sustainability Lectures by me & other experts - Multiple Topics

☑️ Sustainability news you can relate to (also delivered to your inbox 3x per week)

☑️ Spotlight on Brands, Organizations, Innovations, Materials, etc. you need to know about 

☑️ Interactive commenting, discussions, and feedback in our members-only portal

And all Academy members (all brands) receive: 

 - Members LinkedIn Group access for networking

 - Valuable Resource Guides - Sustainability tips & resources on Food, Travel, and Fashion


What Sets The Academy Approach Apart?


-> Self-Guided + Group Coaching hybrid - Your team can go through the content

at their pace AND can join monthly group-coaching sessions in a webinar format.

-> Made-for-College Curriculum - My content is based on 3 different college courses

that I developed and taught, so you know it’s legit ;)

-> Easy-to-Follow Progressive Learning - In a progressive manner, I’ll take you from

the basics to the more advanced concepts over time.

-> A Let’s Go! Attitude - This experience is motivational, and inspiration, not damning

and judgy. You’ll leave feeling optimistic, I promise :) 

-> One-Stop-Shop - The content is comprehensive and all-in-one-place so you can keep track of all you’re learning (and you’re learning a LOT!) and always reference something that resonated with you.

-> Rabbit Holes! Full of 3rd party resources and recommendations so you don’t just have to take it from me.

-> Constantly Flowing - Like any good movement, we’ll keep you informed and up to date on a daily basis.

So, what are you waiting for!?

Don’t leave sustainability expertise up to just a few in your organization. Let’s make it part of your brand’s culture.

Enroll up to 200 members of your team now in the sustainability & climate action training they likely never had, but are expected - now more than ever - to have.



For up to 200 employees at your brand to have access to everything mentioned here

  • Pay as you go
  • No commitments
  • Reap all the benefits
  • 30 days access


$12,900/quarter (12% discount)

For up to 200 employees at your brand to have access to everything mentioned here

  • BONUS: Receive a 1-hr Sustainability Strategy meeting with me & your team (up to 10)
  • Payment Plan Option A - 1 full payment upfront of $12,255 (save additional. $645)
  • Payment Plan Option B - Three scheduled payments of $4,300 each


$49,900/year (15% discount)

For up to 200 employees at your brand to have access to everything mentioned here

  • BONUS: Receive 2x 1 hr Sustainability Strategy meetings w/ me and your team (up to 10)
  • Payment Plan Option A - 1 full payment upfront of $47,405 (saves and additional $2,495)
  • Payment Plan Option B - Two scheduled payments of $48,652 (saves an additional $1,248)
  • Payment Plan Option C - Twelve scheduled payments of $4,158 each

It's so easy. Here's your 'What To Do Next List':

  1. Get budget approval (I know how that goes ;)
  2. Choose your payment plan (installments available for quarterly or yearly options)
  3. Enroll up to 200 people with your company email
  4. Schedule a 20-minute Kick-Off Meeting with me and your learners
  5. Encourage (or incentivize) your team to dive into The Essentials Course
  6. Check in regularly and stay engaged in the Sustainable Apparel Academy
  7. Start networking with other industry professionals that are in the Academy as well
  8. Schedule your 1-on-1 strategy session with Derek if you chose that plan
  9. Ask for user progress reports for your team
  10. Start making sustainability culture at your brand!


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