Boat Co Talk Show

Getting to the heart of the personal experiences behind the brands, the movements and the personalities that shape our local culture.

An in-person talk show experience held at the Boathouse Collective in Costa Mesa, CA, the Boat Co Talk Show is a monthly exploration of the diverse, creative and entrepreneurial talent that resides right here in our backyard. The show’s goal is to contribute to a better world, starting with our own community, by inspiring future leaders with stories of positivity, perseverance, and hard work. It’s an hour that will entertain, uplift, challenge convention, provoke thought, and stir emotions (all the archived videos are here.)

With a focus on the personal journey, I try to take a living-room-chat approach to get the stories that matter, and to draw out the insights that can help young professionals and students of all ages as they cr­­­aft their own career, and personal life, trajectories. These are the guests and their stories...

At the age of 24 Yoki started a little brand called Maui & Sons. Since then, he’s founded other brands you may have heard of as well. Yoki has worked with some of the biggest names in the California design scene and beyond and for the last 40 years has been immersed in design, youth culture, and the orange county lifestyle. A design legend, Yoki is an inspiration to many designers and influencers across the globe. When he’s not surfing, you can find him most every day at his humble, and avant-garde concept store Yoki Shop, located on PCH in Newport Beach.

"I've always looked for warm water..."

Yoki's talk is here.

Jeff "Yoki" Yokoyama

What started as a novel, high school hobby has taken Kohl and his best friends on a journey they may not have imagined back then. As the co-founder and CEO of KK intl. (Krochet Kids intl.), an innovative non-profit and lifestyle brand working to empower communities to rise above poverty, Kohl leads a dedicated and passionate group who are out to change the world through business. Founded in 2007, the organization works in Uganda and Peru providing life changing jobs, educational curriculum and mentoring programs to vulnerable women and their families.

Based right here in Costa Mesa, KK intl. has gained a reputation as a creative brand with a fiercely loyal following – mixing design, fashion, creativity, collaborative partnerships and philanthropy into a powerful formula that has set the bar for many other brands and non-profits alike.

When he’s not leading the charge at the office, Kohl is a husband, a father, a surfer and a passionate communicator who has worked for a decade to encourage and inspire a new generation of socially minded businesses. 

“People matter.” 

Kohl's full talk is here.

Kohl Crecelius

Danny Thompson is the drummer for the iconic punk band, Face to Face. He is also the owner of the coolest music school in Orange County, The Music Factory. He is a consummate student of marketing and business as well as an advocate for science and critical thinking.  In the past, he was an executive with The Guitar Center chain of music stores for 18 years. Dog lover, struggling Jiu Jitsu practitioner and student pilot. 

"Sometimes life doesn't always take the turns you expect it to."

Danny's full talk is here.

Danny Thompson

Troy started his surfing career, during his high school years, with a sponsorship from the surf brand Quiksilver. During that time he was selected for the NSSA National Team where he traveled and competed at the country’s highest level. Shortly thereafter, Richard Woolcott, his long time team manager, quit Quiksliver and started a company called Volcom. At the age of 18, Troy was quickly recruited to the company as its 3rd employee, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Working any and all jobs - from shipping to production to marketing and everything in between - Troy finally found his niche in marketing and spent the next 20 years at the company working his way up to Executive Vice President of Marketing, where he managed the company’s sports programs and marketing campaigns.

In 2011 Troy and Volcom parted ways and for the next 5 years he spent his time surfing and working as a consultant and sports agent to select professional surfers.

In 2015, after years of fine tuning a yoga practice, and noticing an opportunity in the market, Troy decided it was time to give it another go and co-founded the men’s yoga brand Kozm with long time friend and ex Volcom co-worker Derek Sabori.

"I definitely did NOT want to start another surf brand..."

Troy's full talk is here.

Troy Eckert

Surfside Sports has been in business since 1973. Located in Costa Mesa, CA. (The heart of the surf, skate, and snow industry), Surfside Sports is an iconic retailer in action sports, and has been a pioneer retailer for most manufacturers in the industry. Surfside was originally located on the Balboa Peninsula for over 30 years until they moved up the hill to Costa Mesa in late 2006. Their new store is over 17,000 square feet and is filled with your favorite surf, snow and skate brands. They boast a friendly and knowledgeable crew of over 40 people, and host the iconic Snow Carnival each year to kick off the upcoming snow season.

Duke Edukas and Paul Burnett are the co-owners of Surfside. Duke has been snowboarding since 1992 and Paul surfing since 1960.

"I thought we might lose it all."

Duke & Paul's full talk is here.

Duke Edukas and Paul Burnett

In his younger years, Chris surfed professionally and worked in the surf industry as a team manager, marketing assistant, and more. In 1999 he aided in the start of TransWorld SURF Magazine and became Editor-In-Chief in 2005. Along the way, he's worked as a television host, commentator, DJ, and roadie, and he is now producing, writing, and consulting for various (and some of the biggest) media entities and brands in the industry, including FUEL TV, Vans, Red Bull, Volcom, World Surf League, Dew Tour, Grind TV, Yew Media, and many more.

A master of the conversation, and the call, Chris Cote’s well of stories and relationships runs deep, and lessons from the journey abound. We discussed the behind-the-scenes stories of building a unique career, being on a first name basis with some of action-sports’ biggest names, and being one of the first to be called on to talk us through the events that we love.

"And just like that, it was all over."

Chris' full talk is here.

Chris Cote

For the last forty-plus years, TK has owned and run The Frog House in Newport Beach, an iconic core surf shop on Pacific Coast Highway that has only seen one other owner since its opening in 1962. Surfers and tourists love The Frog House for its unfiltered and authentic vibe, its memorable staff and for its commitment to the art of surfing. More than fifty years after it opened, it remains a beacon for the surf industry, featuring a who’s who of surf brands and products.

TK himself is a forever young entrepreneur who has achieved what he set out to do – have fun every day, and make time for family, friends, and surfing. It doesn’t ever feel like a bad day in The Frog House, and ask anyone and they’ll credit TK for the positive vibe and the success of this now legendary establishment.

"If you're not having fun, then what's the point?"

TK's full talk is here.

TK Brimer

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