The Underswell Brand Cohort w/ Derek Sabori


Support and strengthen the sustainability work you are already doing at your brand and transform your team into Sustainability in the Apparel Industry EXPERTS.


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What’s a Brand Cohort?

A multi-week, team-building and strategy program revolving around sustainability confidence and competence.

Bring your team together in a classroom style setting with an expert guide who will facilitate conversation, guide learning, inspire conversation, encourage discussion, and motivate action in your brand. Ultimately giving sustainability confidence and competence to your team so they are empowered to accelerate your commitments immediately.

In a Brand Cohort, 10 or more of your most passionate and ready to learn team members will go through intense, self-guided instruction, and meet weekly with the cohort and Derek to get a similar experience to what Derek was teaching in college; except your team gets the info at a rapid-fire pace, spread across 12 weeks, rather than 48. Your team decides the day and times for studying, going through the lectures, and keeping up on the reading – we decide on a day/time together to meet 1x per week* for the duration of the program.

*Programs for less than 10 members also available.

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Let’s spend 25 minutes getting to know each other and talking about where you or your team is at today in regards to sustainability and where you’d like to be in the future.

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Who is this good for and what do they get?

Any Level

This accelerator program is good for anyone – at nearly any level of sustainability knowledge – who is involved in the making, producing, buying, selling, and managing of goods in the apparel & footwear industry.

Ready to Learn

Using the apparel industry as a lens, this program will take learners on a journey through foundational learning, the history of the movement, the essentials of sustainability and triple bottom line thinking, to the most modern perspectives on supply chain traceability and justice, addressing biodiversity impacts, and reversing climate change while managing the health of our brands.


The goal is to transform your team or your clients into life-long learners and deep understanders when it comes to the complexities of sustainability (environmental and social) in rapidly evolving economies AND to give them the tools, confidence, and wherewithal to help make your brand or organization more sustainable, and to best understand and support the initiatives you already have in place.

After taking this course, and/or working with me for 3 or more months, your team will be able to:

 πŸ’― Understand the sustainability language that’s used in professional, academic, and social articles

 πŸ’― Authentically contribute to your company’s sustainability program (or help build one)

 πŸ’― Make more conscious purchasing decisions (personally & professionally)

 πŸ’― Credibly explain your sustainability initiatives to customers and critique the sustainability claims of brands that are in your space

 πŸ’―  Confidently and boldly enter, and participate in, the modern, conscious economy 

What’s included in the Brand Cohort Package?

Each student will receive full access to the complete Sustainable Fashion School for Brands online course. Developed by Derek Sabori, this course – modeled after Derek’s 48-week/3-semester college certificate program at Orange Coast College, Fashion Dept. – contains 24 lectures (each approximately +/- 50 minutes in length) broken up into 12 modules.

Topics Include:

  •  Sustainability concepts
  •  The history of the modern environmental movement
  •  Top environmental & top social concerns
  •  Life cycle thinking and life cycle impacts
  •  Reporting & assessing sustainability
  •  Rankings & consumer sentiment
  •  The SDGs (overview + deep dive)
  •  Nonprofits & Certifications
  •  History of Sustainable Fashion (2-part series)
  •  Review and explanations of important industry reports:
    •  Global Fashion Agenda (Pulse Reports + CEO Agendas)
    •  Fashion Revolution Transparency Index
    •  Greenpeace Fashion at a Crossroads
    •  Ellen MacArthur Foundation – New Textiles Economy
    •  Stand.Earth’s Filthy Fashion Report
    •  KPMG & Textile Exchange – Fashion & the SDGs
  •  How to live a sustainable lifestyle in modern times
  •  Course wrap up – final advice

The course also includes 10-question quizzes throughout to assess learning, a midterm and 2 finals (each at different stages) so we can gauge understanding.

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Let’s spend 25 minutes getting to know each other and talking about where you or your team is at today in regards to sustainability and where you’d like to be in the future.

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Additionally, the following is offered for all Brand Cohort Experience members (10+):


βœ“  Twelve  weekly teacher-led discussions – Over the course of the program (12 weeks when 10 or more enroll) learners will meet 1x per week or every 2nd week (Zoom, Teams or other) for 60 minutes in a group setting with Derek at a regular scheduled time that works best for all. This is an open-forum discussion session where topics and learnings can be clarified, or where the learnings can be directly applied to the brand. Derek will lead discussions, add additional insights, offer additional learning materials, and offer sustainability-related advice.

βœ“ Complimentary Supplemental Digital Reading Material - Each learner will receive a complimentary audio version of The Responsible Company: Patagonia’s First 40 years, by Yvon Chouinard and Vincent Stanley and an e-book version of The Ecology of Commerce, by Paul Hawken.

Additional Resources - 3 Months free ($400+ value) of The Underswell Movement Monthly Membership access for each enrollee after cohort ends (free/included during experience).

Access to PDFs - Included in the course, are viewable PDFs of the lectures, with links to many recommended 3rd party resources, videos, books, movies, etc.

Bonus Material: 

The Underswell All-In-One Resource Guide – Best sites, Best Books, and Best Movies

The Underswell Three Top 10 Sustainability Checklists for Sustainable Living: Fashion, Food and Travel.

 Upon completion learners will receive a Certificate of Accomplishment, so long as they’ve gone through the entire course, taken all the assessments, and participated in at least 8 of the in-person meetings.

βœ“ And finally, the Cohort Experience includes:

Group Kick Off meeting

→  Individually Graded Assessments

→  Progress Updates

→  Goals driven meetings (as required by, and specific to, each brand)


For those that complete 100% of the requirements:

  • Certificate of Completion
  • Underswell Movement Coffee Mug or Hat (US residents only))
  • Hard Copy of Project Drawdown (US residents only)

This is a fantastic TEAM BUILDING experience!

Join other great brands that have gone though or are going through the program (like Billabong, Quiksilver, Roxy,
RVCA, DC Shoes Element, New Balance, RicherPoorer and Zumiez) today by booking a call to get started.

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What are brands saying?


“So thankful to have had this opportunity and will continue to use this additional education going forward in both my professional and personal future. Derek Sabori is such an amazing professor! I highly recommend the course to anyone seeking to learn more about sustainability and how to utilize eco-friendly practices in the apparel, footwear and accessories industries.” – Jessica S., Roxy

About Derek.

An apparel industry veteran with more than 24 years in the action sports/lifestyle industry and two degrees (BA, MBA) from UC Irvine, Derek balances multiple roles, all revolving around sustainability & mindfulness, and the apparel industry. He’s a co-founder at Kozm, a consultant to lifestyle brands, a former college instructor, and an entrepreneur, helping brands, individuals, and students start, strengthen, and scale meaningful sustainability programs through foundational education, solid understanding, compelling storytelling, and best-in-class solutions.


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Let’s spend 25 minutes getting to know each other and talking about where you or your team is at today in regards to sustainability and where you’d like to be in the future.

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