BRand Package

Finer details:

When you commit to a brand package, you’re putting your team on a path to practical and relevant sustainability knowledge that will help drive forward your sustainability commitments. Here are the specifics:

The Course: 

This offer is good for The Underswell School of Understanding course TUS100 - Sustainability Essentials and the Triple Bottom Line; a Level I achievement. Once completed, students can advance to the apparel industry specific Level II course called TUS200 Sustainability & Responsibility in Fashion and Apparel; From Cradle to Grave, which is a separately priced package. Customers can choose to commit to both courses up front and receive a promotional discount of $100 off the enrollment price of each student. Each course consists of 13 pre-recorded lectures, a PDF with the slide presentation and links (view/click only), and weekly suggestions for further reading, watching, and learning. Each “lecture” is on average 45 mins long and features an edited lecture/talking head over slides. Also included with each lecture, are short 10-question quizzes to assess the student’s learning. For an additional fee, students can take a midterm and final exam that will be graded and discussed ($50 each test).


The Coaching:

The 1-hour of coaching/consulting time that comes with the Brand Package enrollment is specific to the students and their brand. Derek will serve as a guide, advisor, teacher, and even consultant for the brand (see clarification below) as it relates to what’s being learned in the course material. The virtual meeting is good for and applies specifically to enrolled learners plus no more than +1 brand brand/sustainability manager.


Coaching/consulting time will be scheduled for a 1-hour time slot that works for both parties, and will be held via Zoom, Skype, Teams, Google Meet, or Webex (not in person). The 10 Learner package is weekly, the 5 learner package meets every other week. During this coaching time, there will not be any additional “prepared lecture.” This is an open format opportunity to discuss topics, reinforce learnings, apply it to the brand, etc. This coaching time does not include: Assigned work from the brand, any project research, or prepared or project-specific work for the brand. It is meant for open-forum discussion, strategy, suggestions, considerations, continued learning, and thoughtful dialogue that can and should be applied to the brand, but this is not the same as a “consultant-for-hire” scenario. Although, I am available for that too : )



The Brand Package lasts for 8 weeks from the time of enrollment and the specified hours of virtual support must take place within that 8-weeks period. Learners, however, will continue to have access to their learning materials for a total of 3 months from the date of enrollment.


User Profiles - Each learner will enroll with a code to access the learning materials. It is intended that each learner login is specific to that one particular learner. If a brand would like to educate additional learners, please purchase additional access codes. Thank you. 

  • Level I Understanding - 10 Learners - $8,000 

  • Level I Understanding - 5 Learners - $4,000

  • ($800 per user, includes 13 lectures and private brand coaching as outlined).

  • Level I & II Understanding - 10 Learners - $15,000 

  • Level I & II Understanding - 5 Learners - $7,500

  • ($1,500 per user, includes 26 lectures and private brand coaching as outlined).

$100 savings/learner

Topics included in the course:

  • General concepts

  • The history of the movement

  • Environmental justice

  • The environmental concerns

  • The social concerns

  • Life cycle thinking

  • Life cycle impacts

  • Reporting & assessing

  • Rankings & consumer sentiment

  • The Sustainable Development Goals - the history

  • The Sustainable Development Goals - the history

  • Standards & certifications

  • Sustainable living