Derek A Sabori

I’ve been working towards a career in Sustainability for nearly ten years (like many others, I was hooked after watching the documentary An Inconvenient Truth back in 2007) and I’ve just recently gone out on my own after serving as the Vice President and/or Sr. Director of Sustainability at Volcom, an action sports brand based in Orange County, California, for the last six out of 19 years there. That said, however, I wasn’t always a Sustainability nerd ; ) I was a Civil Engineering student at UCI who realized it wasn't for me, and ended up with a B.A. in Studio Arts from said university and later went on for an MBA.

After art school, I got lucky landing a starter job at the then upcoming brand, Volcom and spent more than 19 years there, learning product development, management, project management, sales planning & analysis, events management, leadership, and more. I went through the start up phase, the IPO stage and, then after an acquisition, had the amazing opportunity to work directly with the Sustainability team at the world-class luxury and sports & lifestyle Group, Kering for nearly five years.

It was nothing short of an amazing ride. It’s time, however, for the next chapter, and I’m looking forward to helping facilitate change (especially around the topic of sustainability) in as many lives, and thus brands & companies, as possible, including my own.

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