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Level 3: 25-Lecture Pkg - All Levels, Apparel Industry Specific

This is our Best Deal - Includes Level 1, the first 4 Core lessons, Level 2 - Next Level Understanding, and everything from Level 3.

What you'll get in this package:

  • Lesson 01 ($29) - Key Concepts - The must-know language and concepts of sustainability & climate change (45-minute)
  • Lesson 02 ($29) - How We Got Here - The history of the modern environmental movement (45-minutes)
  • Lesson 03 ($58) - What Matters - The top environmental & social concerns of our time (2-part lesson, 90-minutes)
  • Lesson 04 ($58) - Life Cycle Thinking - Considering impacts across the entire value chain (2-part lesson, 95-minutes)
  • Lesson 05 ($58) - Reporting & Ranking - Reporting & assessing sustainability w/ rankings & consumer sentiment (2-part lesson, 105-minutes)
  • Lesson 06 ($48) - The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - The history and a detailed look (2-part lesson, 85-minutes)
  • Lesson 07 ($39) - Nonprofits, NGOs and Certifications - A look at who does what and what to look for (70-minutes)
  • Lesson 08 ($29) - Sustainable Living - How to live a sustainable lifestyle in modern times (55-minutes)
  • Lesson 09 ($78) - History of Sustainable Fashion - A 30-year timeline that might surprise you (2-part lesson, 125-minutes)
  • Lesson 10 ($39) - Fashion Revolution’s Transparency Index (2016-2017) - A dive into how it came about, and what it aimed to do (60-minutes)
  • Lesson 11 ($48) - Pulse of the Fashion Industry 2017 Report Review - A look back at the insights uncovered in this transformative report (80-minutes)
  • Lesson 12 ($39) - A New Textiles Economy, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, a Report Review - One of the early reports & guides that outlined a circular economy (60-minutes)
  • Lesson 13 ($39) - 2017 Fashion at the Crossroads, Greenpeace. A Report Review - The powerhouse NGO pushes back on the Pulse Report and offers some advice of its own (55-minutes)
  • Lesson 14 ($39) - Pulse Curve + CEO Agenda 2018 - Report Review - Global Fashion Agenda is back with a new report and specific advice for CEOs (70-minutes)
  • Lesson 15 ($39) - Fashion Revolution’s Transparency Index 2018-2019 - Report Review - The transparency advocate is back with more ratings, new brands, and new spotlight topics (70-minutes)
  • Lesson 16 ($39) - Pulse Update + CEO Agenda 2019 - Report Review - Global Fashion Agenda updates its language, has additional strategy advice and offers a look at consumer insights (65-minutes)
  • Lesson 17 ($39) - Stand.Earth’s Fossil Free Fashion 2020 + Transparency Index 2020 updates - Not so fast says, the NGO. Plus, the Transparency Index, now firmly in the industry vernacular, continues to mature and evolve (70-minutes)
  • Lesson 18 ($48) - KPMG x Textile Exchange, SDGs - Report Review - The well-known consulting firm teams up with our industry’s sustainable material experts for a look at the SDGs and where they align in the apparel industry (105-minutes)
  • Lesson 19 ($39) - Global Fashion’s CEO Agenda, 2020 - One last look at how this powerful playbook has evolved and where it’s landed (50-minutes)
  • Lesson 20 ($39) - Course Wrap-Up + Final thoughts and advice from your instructor. I’ll give you my top 16 takeaways and things to keep in mind as your journey continues (50-minutes) 

Includes access to our Member Resource Center and our Communities Support Space.

You'll have access to these lectures for 6 months, or as long as you're a Community Member.

What People Are Saying:

I’d been learning about sustainable fashion for years on my own, but I wasn’t learning enough. So I decided to take this course with Derek. I can definitely apply what I learned in this course at a clothing brand. I feel so much more prepared to take my next step in my sustainability career.

Sarah F., Product Development professional

Not sure what my job title will be, but I know that sustainability is now on the forefront of my mind in everything I do in life, professionally and personally. I know the knowledge that I learned from you, and the passion that I gained from you will lead the way to my success in any venture I find myself on.

Tori A, aspiring professional

I am absolutely loving the course. There is so much to learn (and never forget) and the content is on point. Also watching some of the documentaries suggested; mind-blowing…

Silvana C., Marketing Professional