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Timeline of Events:

TEDx UC Irvine - The Domino Effect


A featured speaker at UCI Irvin's TEDx event​, I presented the idea that each of us are a Small But Mighty Domino.

Regardless of title, role or responsibility, we all play a role in building our new and bold future, and we ALL have the potential to create real, lasting and positive change.

UCI Sustainability Symposium - Featured Speaker

2017, 2016

With a focus on sustainability in careers, and in business, my talks here were geared towards students and professionals. The aim was to inspire students into a path of sustainability focus in their careers, and to convince them and young professionals that "The Old Way is Dead." If you're a brand not paying attention to the expectations of consumers, innovations in sustainability, and/or the ethos of young and exciting start ups, then you're not going to go far.

Water Solutions, Progressive Approaches to Water Solutions - Panel Moderator


Sustain OC (formerly CleanTech OC) presented its first Signature event on water, WATER SOLUTIONS, during which participants took a close look at the evolving technology and the solutions they provide to public and private organizations. And, how those organizations screen, procure, adopt and Integrate those technologies. I served as the moderator for the panel on progressive water solutions.

Fashion Merchandising Instructor – Orange Coast College, Consumer Sciences, Fashion Dept.


Teaching Fashion Merchandising 101, I was known for having an engaging class, based on real-world merchandising and brand building concepts. I used my experience in the action sports space, and in entrepreneurialism to keep students engaged and excited about the course material.

Sustainability Instructor – Orange Coast College, Architecture Department


I lead an online Sustainability 101 course and essentially crowdsource the material to ensure the students are being informed from a variety of angles. My aim is to create an intriguing and compelling dialogue for participants so they leave the course armed with enough information to begin formulating sustainability strategies of their own.

Presenter - Southern California Fashion Industry & Education Partnership Seminar, Orange Coast College 


Teaching Teachers – As the opening lecturer, my role was to use engaging and current business-related content to provide resources and training for educators from high schools, colleges and universities.

The intention of this seminar – and my presentation - was to inform attendees about real world business happenings in the fashion world while helping teachers develop curriculum that could immediately be taken back to the classroom.

Presenter - Global Wave Conference, Cornwall, UK 


A conference bringing together some of the world’s most respected surfers, environmentalists, sustainable business leaders, grassroots activists, campaigners and marine experts focused on the protection of waves, oceans, beaches, wildlife and surf habitats worldwide.

I was invited to give a presentation called, “An Insider’s Journey” documenting the real-world journey- through the lens of business – of building a strong and integrated sustainability program in a large corporation.

Panel Expert - Sustainable Brands, San Diego, CA 

2015, 2013

A global event where brand, sustainability & design leaders find inspiration, tools and partnerships to drive business success.

I have been invited to speak on three-different expert oriented panels relating to Systems Change, REDD+ Carbon Emission Offsetting, and Integrating Sustainability with Business.

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