Worms, Surfing, Aquaponics and Hydroponics! Eddy Garcia from Living Earth Systems

October 21, 2017

Thanks to Adam Fischer at Entropy Resins, I had a fantastic conversation with Eddie Garcia from Living Earth Systems in the garden at The Ecology Center in San Juan Capistrano. Eddie lives and breaths sustainability…from transforming your chlorine swimming pool to a fresh water pond down to growing your own food in your tiny apartment, he has a solution for you. Hear about how he got his start, his Styrofoam eating worms, bio-diversity and learning to think outside the box to live a better life.


You'll get insights into:

-Connecting with nature

-Growing Soil

-Regenerative farming


-Styrofoam eating worms

-Making your yard/garden alive

-Living off your land

-Constant learning


For more information, visit Living Earth Systems.


Special thanks to our friends at:


Entropy Resins - Your solution for a much more sustainable epoxy resin.


The Ecology Center - A non-profit eco-education center focused on creative solutions for thriving on planet Earth.





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