Christian Johnson, CEO of Seed Consulting Group - Empowering leaders to shape a sustainable future

December 11, 2017


When you meet Christian, you instantly know there's something special about him. Whether it's his effortless professional approach, his sincere dedication to building personal relationships, his commitment to engraining sustainability into his career, or just his friendly smile, you know you're dealing with a class act. 


Christian and I have known each other for a few years now, thanks to him reaching out to me to participate in a sustainability symposium he and other students were putting on at UC Irvine. Since then, there have been two successful symposiums, Christian has graduated with his MBA, and has been elected as the CEO of the non-profit he helped start called, Seed Consulting Group


In this episode, you'll hear from a young CEO managing a very unique non-profit model in the environmental/sustainability space: a non-profit powered by volunteer students and professionals, dedicating resources to other environmentally focused non-profits, pro-bono.


With offices in Orange County, Los Angeles and San Fransisco, a column over at the Forbes NonProfit Council and an upcoming wedding, Christian has a lot going glad we could grab a few minutes together.


This episode is for you if you appreciate entrepreneurial endeavors, non-profit management, young professional career building stories, leadership and good, positive people.




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