Let's Talk About Carbon, Offsets and Two Degrees

June 26, 2018


If you're like me, it's easy to get lost in the weeds on things; overcomplicate them, get into all the details... Well, in this episode, I decided to pull it back out to the 30,000 ft height to take a look at the big picture.


After sustainability-driven talks, I almost always get this question:


"What's something that I can do immediately?"


What's my reply?


"Learn about carbon and emissions and how they are driving climate change, and thus the impacts that climate change is having - and will have - on us, humans."


In this talk, we'll dive into articles that explain why emissions should be of concern, why we've put a 2 degree cap on what we can handle in terms of a changing climate, what a carbon credit is, and whether or not there's much hope to stop the train that's already left the station.


The talk is a bit long, but I cover lots of territories thanks to some interesting articles. Listen here on Soundcloud, or over on iTunes.



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