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August 24, 2018


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This is Dylan Spralja, a current student at Orange Coast College with a passion for sustainability, better transparent business, and environmental preservation. I am currently interning for Derek Sabori, founder of The Underswell. He also does work with Volcom’s sustainability team and co-owns a sustainable mens yoga clothing line named KOZM. I welcome anyone to this blog who has an interest in making a positive impact on this earth we call home.


Today I will be talking about Pure Jojoba (pronounced ha-ho-ba) Oils. I currently use Pure Jojoba Oils daily to moisturize my dry skin and also in my hair as a replacement to chemical intense pomade products. Jojoba is another perfect example of how a family owned and run company can be committed to making socially and environmentally responsible products to help make positive impacts.


All natural Pure Jojoba is 100% organic, hypoallergenic, vegan and cruelty-free. Pure jojoba softens and protects your skin with natural elements that copy the skins’ own moisture; leaving you feeling hydrated but never greasy. Kirk Aronstam is a second-generation farmer who grows organic jojoba on his family farm in the Southwest Arizona Sonoran Desert. He has spent over 20 years perfecting the cultivation of jojoba; starting when his father bought the farm in 1980. His three kids do a lot around the farm; processing, delivery and sales. They also keep up a blog, “Straight from the Seed,” which talks about the farm, its workers, and the many different uses for organic jojoba oil.

Kirk runs a jojoba farm because it is a “perfect moisturizer-for you and the planet.”


Jojoba has been used for hundreds of years to rejuvenate and protect skin. The natural qualities of jojoba have amazing similarities to our skin’s own oil. Kirks jojoba plants are 100% organic. That means no pesticides, harsh chemicals, and anything leftover is completely biodegradable. Pure Jojoba uses environmentally friendly, recyclable HDPE toxin-free bottles and pumps as well as glass pumps. No fragrances, petrochemicals, perfumes, dyes, alcohols, detergents or preservatives are ever added. Pure Jojoba plants the seeds on the family farm, expeller pressed, rested, centrifugally filtered and rested again for 30 days to eliminate all impurities. Then the jojoba oil is packaged and sent straight to customer.


Pure Jojoba has many uses. You can use Pure Jojoba on your face as a facial moisturizer, facial cleanser, makeup remover, acne treatment, and lip care. Pure Jojoba can also be used on your body as a body moisturizer after bathing to help seal in moisture, leaving skin soft and smooth. You can also apply throughout the day to replenish the skin. Pure jojoba can be used for Eczema relief, fingernail, and cuticle care. Pure Jojoba can be used on your hair after showering for styling and a natural remedy for dandruff.  Pure Jojoba oil is great for women during pregnancy, helping maintain the skin’s tone and elasticity as well as minimize stretch marks. Baby skin is very sensitive and since jojoba oil mimics the skins own moisture, it’s a gentle, natural alternative to traditional baby oil.


Pure Jojoba also offers a product called “Pooch Putty” and “Pooch Potion” for canine and feline cracked skin relief. Pure Jojoba’s approach to skin care for pets answers anyone’s concern for non-toxic, pesticide-free, and natural options. All products are “human-tested”, grown, manufactured and packed in the USA from one of the last jojoba farms in America.


I hope everyone enjoys Pure Jojoba products and can feel good knowing they are supporting a sustainable, transparent business, that’s only purpose is to create a positive impact on our environment. I really appreciate your time reading this article and would love for you to keep up with my blog discussing further sustainable transparent business and environment preservation.


Here are some links with further information on Pure Jojoba Oils and products.


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