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August 28, 2018



Vipe Desai’s career continues to evolve. He’s been building businesses and brands for more than 30 years now and while he’s a long-time, well-known and well-respected industry veteran in the boardsports industry, Vipe might be known best known now for his work in the board of directors space, specifically in the non-profit world, promoting ocean conservation and ocean-related politics.


Vipe’s list of board of directorship is extensive (Lifes Rolls On Foundation, Surfrider, Skateistan, 5 Gyres Institute, Ocean Champions, Lonely Whale Foundation, and more), and I wanted to sit with him to discuss the roles that non-profits play in society and in business, the power of philanthropy, the benefits of strong networking, the power of your vote, and more. We got to those topics and so much more.


While he’s not volunteering his time to help build capacity and networks for environmental & social causes, Vipe runs his outside-the-box hydration company HDX that he founded in 2011, and makes time for family and friends while constantly building his already amazing network.


Vipe has his own podcast called Army of Gamechangers where he inspires others with short-form leadership insight and advice from some very influential & inspiring people and he is always looking to make business be more than just about profit and always has his eye on what’s next, and how it might make the world a better place.


Vipe’s a great communicator too, so with ease, we tackled the topics like:

  • The impressions of a first job

  • Being a young entrepreneur

  • Allowing a career to pivot and evolve.

  • Sensing change and learning to adapt.

  • Even with a degree, we learn as we go.

  • The importance of nonprofits and the role they play in society and business

  • Appreciating philanthropy

  • Contributing to something

  • The magic of networking

  • Standing up for your values - even when you’re a corporation

  • The state of responsibility and sustainability in business

Keep up with Vipe on any of his social media channels (@vipedesai), or offer him a role on your corporate board :) You won’t be disappointed.


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