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October 3, 2018



Mike Hill is the CEO of the socially conscious, AoSA Image and AoSA Coffee in Huntington Beach, California. AoSA stands for Art of Sustainable Action and focuses on printing and art displays using recyclable, compostable, and natural fiber products. AoSA Image, a certified B Corp, has worked with TOMS, Burton Snowboards, Clif, Obey, Guayaki Yerba Mate, Sambazon, and many more.


Mike attended Orange Coast College and transferred to UCLA studying business and accounting. He grew up in Sierra Madre, California building and laminating his own skateboards, including building the 24-ton laminator needed to finish them. Mike’s philosophy: he would “rather build it than buy it.” His passions include design, art, woodworking, and crafting.


After studying business and economics in college Mike pursued his passion for customizing surfboards and skateboards. Unfortunately, it became too expensive to produce boards and prints domestically, thus forcing Mike to pivot into a new direction.


Mike never lost hope and kept moving forward. He found a solution when he was invited to an Opportunity Green Conference - a well-regarded sustainability conference that ran in L.A. for years - and bonded with like-minded forward-thinking individuals.


Mike and his father started AoSA Image, preferring to work with small like-minded companies who have a “soul” or integrity and purpose believing talented artists could be successful if they gave them the right platform to stand on.


AoSA Image is committed to doing business the right way, giving high consideration to the materials they craft with and using the least amount of water, energy, and resources in general, while making premium goods. Mike’s  passion is making art using industrial waste, taking it out of the waste stream, and making it beautiful again. AoSA is also committed to creating positive social impacts and has worked many projects with impactful brands who are socially impactful in their communities.


AoSA Image is proud to be a Certified B Corp; taking care of their employees and offering a transparent supply chain. He’s a strong advocate for others to join the movement too - we talk a bit about that.


The AoSA DNA is all about promoting a healthy setting for employees and in our discussion he lays out a nice roadmap of how to make/print better all while maintaining the integrity of the piece and the requirements of the job.


Here’s an example of a job Mike did with Volcom a few years back; a nice visual of his approach.


And finally, some of the topics we discussed:

  • B Corporation

  • D.I.Y.

  • Social Impacts

  • Sustainable/Non-Toxic Print Solutions

  • Organic Coffee Shop

  • Transparent Supply Chain/Materials and water-based inks

  • Engaging local communities

  • Opportunity Green Conference

  • Do Good Work Corp

  • Certifications

  • Water Based Inks

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