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October 10, 2018




Dustin Winegardner is the Managing Director and Co-Founder of Arvin Goods. Arvin Goods creates basics for men and women; mainly socks and underwear. All the goods that Arvin makes are made from 100% upcycled materials, designed using “closed loop” recycling and low impact production practices. Arvin basics reduce water usage, eliminate toxic dyes, and are helping eradicate the concept of waste.






Dustin Winegardner is doing amazing things in the sustainable fashion movement. Currently located in Seattle, Washington; originally from Durango, Colorado near the four corners, Dustin grew up in “action sports” skateboarding and snowboarding and following the brands that helped create it. Dustin received a Finance Degree from Northern Arizona and then moved to Seattle in 2000. He started working for Northwave Snowboarding Boots in Seattle doing inventory management and finances and through this job he learned the ins and outs of supply chains. This supply chain knowledge led to a product development, manufacturing, and supply chain position at Coal Headwear - he was there for 3 years. Shortly after leaving, Dustin opened the first US office for Summit Group. One of Summit Groups divisions is ITC; which designs for brands and private label retail.


Dustin realized at a young age that the world was being affected by the actions of humans and wanted to find a solution. Dustin was sparked into a life of sustainability after being challenged by a client he was working with at the time (Volcom) to present a more sustainable, recycled option for them. The global group Dustin is a part of decided to be apart of the solution by using low impact fibers such as recycled synthetics, recycled cottons, organic cotton, organic hemp and organic linen. They started an “Awareness Collection,” to give customers a low impact alternative to conventional products.


Arvin was born when Dustin decided that he didn’t want to wait anymore for big brands to follow suit or adopt the solutions he had for them but instead start a revolution of his own. After creating a small team, “Arvin,” or “a friend of the people,” was brought to market in 2017. Arvin educates consumers by explaining the average cotton sock requires over 50 gallons to make while Arvin’s socks require zero. Arvin uses post-industrial cutting scraps, grinds them down into fiber state and then weave into a blend. The color is actually coming from the waste as well; almost a zero water product. Arvin Goods are a perfect example of products that are high quality, affordable, and made from a low impact material; potentially - as their mission states - the cleanest basics on the planet.


Some of the topics we discuss:

  • Sustainable Fashion

  • Low Impact Alternatives

    • Polylana (alternative for chemical intense acrylic)

    • Organic Cotton, Hemp, and Linen

  • Recycled/Upcycled Fabrics

    • Recycled Polyester

    • Recycled Cotton

  • Supply chain challenges

  • Consumer Education

  • Activism

  • Awareness

  • Zero Water Use

  • Zero Toxins/Dyes

  • Eliminating Waste

  • Higg Index and the MSI

  • Full Circularity



Photos below by: @jasenallyn ( ELSEVVHERE/Jasen Allyn)





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