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How many people at your brand can competently and confidently explain your sustainability commitments?


And if you don’t have any, how many are equipped to create the right ones?


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Sustainability and climate action are at the top of the industry's agenda, so if your answer wasn't "Most of them," it's time to fix that and fast.


What if...

What if there was a solution for advanced and accelerated sustainability learning built for brands, catered specifically to our industry, taught by an industry veteran and former college instructor that came with guided coaching and team-building meetups?

I built this for two reasons:

  1.  Because I sure could have used something like this when I was finding my way (read my story here), and 
  2. Because I watched too many industry pros looking for this knowledge come and seek it out in my year-long college program, I decided it was time to bring it directly to you.

I’ve dedicated more than 10 years to sustainability in the apparel industry and I’m ready to share everything I’ve learned with your team.

It’s time for your team’s key players to be in the driver’s seat and to learn the ins and outs of sustainability so they can support the work you’re doing and truly drive it forward in the most competent manner.

Introducing the Sustainability Accelerator for Brands

A comprehensive and experiential 3-month program that takes your team through the A-Zs of sustainability as it relates to the apparel industry. All under the personal guidance of an expert who’s been there and can relate to your pains.

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Who is this good for and what do they get?

Train the Trainers


If you’ve got upwards of 25 of your most dedicated super users who are ready to commit time, dive deep, and apply what they learn immediately in your brand, these will become your brand’s most competent sustainability practitioners.

A Brand Experience


I bring the school to you: This 3-Month private/brand-specific Sustainability Accelerator program is unlike anything else and is jam-packed with benefits

In Good Company


Enroll your team in the experience that New Balance, Zumiez, Quiksilver, Billabong, Element, RVCA, DC Shoes, Blue Tomato, Richer Poorer, and more have sent select employees through.

After taking this course, and/or working with me for 3 or more months, your team will be able to:

 πŸ’― Understand the sustainability language that’s used in professional, academic, and social articles

 πŸ’― Authentically contribute to your company’s sustainability program (or help build one)

 πŸ’― Make more conscious purchasing decisions (personally & professionally)

 πŸ’― Credibly explain your sustainability initiatives to customers and critique the sustainability claims of brands that are in your space

 πŸ’―  Confidently and boldly enter, and participate in, the modern, conscious economy 

What's Included?

When you join the Sustainability Accelerator for Brands, your apparel industry brand receives the following benefits for 3 Months from the day of activation:

 β˜‘️ Online Courses - Each student will receive full access to the complete Sustainable Fashion School for Brands online course. Developed by Derek Sabori, this course – modeled after Derek’s 48-week/3-semester college certificate program at Orange Coast College, Fashion Dept. – contains 24 lectures (each approximately +/- 50 minutes in length) broken up into 12 modules so you can learn the language that seems so overwhelming - $21,250 value*.

β˜‘οΈ Live Coaching - 12 x Private Live Coaching Sessions w/ me, your

Sustainability Guide (via Zoom). A great opportunity to team-build, and

work through questions and challenges with an expert - $9,000 value

β˜‘οΈ Free E-Books - I’ll send an e-copy of The Responsible Company,

by Yvon Chouinard and Vincent Stanley, and The Ecology of Commcerce,

by Paul Hawken to each enrollee  (part of the curriculum!) - $575 value

β˜‘οΈ Free Launch Session - Includes a 30-minute Kick-Off & orientation session

to fire up the team and make sure they’re positioned for success!

β˜‘οΈ Strategy Sessions - 3 hrs of 1on1, Brand-specific Sustainability Strategy

Time w/ me so you can immediately start putting to work all that you’re

learning - $1,500 value

β˜‘οΈ Certificate of Completion - Show off your certificate once you complete 100% of the course, complete your mini-quizzes, and show up to and participate in the weekly meetups.

β˜‘οΈ Ongoing Resources - 4 Months of Access to our signature, online Sustainable Apparel Academy where your team will get new sustainability content to supplement their learning daily - $4,900 value and includes:

  • Additional Mini Sustainability Lectures by me & other experts - Multiple Topics
  • Sustainability news you can relate to (also delivered to your inbox 3x per week)
  • Spotlight on Brands, Organizations, Innovations, Materials, etc. you need to know about   
  • Valuable Resource Guides - Sustainability tips & resources on Food, Travel, and Fashion
  • Interactive commenting, discussions, and feedback in our members-only portal

And all Academy members (all brands) receive: ($2,925 value)

  • LinkedIn Group access for networking
  • 1x Monthly All-Members Group Coaching Call w/Derek
  • 1x Monthly Industry Expert Discussions & Interviews (Recorded/Live)
Preferred Spots are Limited - Enroll Now

The Price?

I used to charge per person, so in the past, a package like this would have cost upwards of $40,150.

Now, during our Accelerator Drive, I’m offering all this for $29,987 for up to 25 people at your brand. That’s a savings of more than $10,000.

Why so low? Simple. I want as many people in as many brands as possible to learn everything they can about sustainability, so we can tackle that climate emergency issue… together.

Payment Options:

Pay 100% up front, receive an addition $1,000 discount, or

Pay 50% up front, 50% before completion and receive a $500 discount, or simply

Pay 3 installments of $9,996

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What Else Sets The Underswell Approach Apart?


βœ“ Guided Work Sessions - Your team will be guided by an expert with live coaching sessions (we’ll meet on Zoom 1x per week)

βœ“ Made-for-College Curriculum - My content is based on 3 different college courses that I developed and taught, so you know it’s legit ;)

βœ“ Easy-to-Follow Progressive Learning - In a progressive manner, I’ll take your team from the basics to the more advanced concepts over time.

βœ“ A Let’s Go! Attitude - This experience is motivational, and inspiration, not damning and judgy. You’ll leave feeling optimistic, I promise :) 

βœ“ One-Stop-Shop - The content is comprehensive and all-in-one-place so you can keep track of all you’re learning (and you’re learning a LOT!) and always reference something that resonated with you.

βœ“ Rabbit Holes! Full of 3rd party resources and recommendations so you don’t just have to take it from me.

βœ“ Constantly Flowing - Like any good movement, we’ll keep you informed and up to date on a daily basis.

βœ“Access to PDFs - Included in the course, are viewable PDFs of the lectures, with links to many recommended 3rd party resources, videos, books, movies, etc.

So, what are you waiting for!?

Enroll up to 25 members of your team now in the sustainability & climate action training they likely never had, but are expected - now more than ever - to have.

Bonus Material: 

The Underswell All-In-One Resource Guide – Best sites, Best Books, and Best Movies

The Underswell Three Top 10 Sustainability Checklists for Sustainable Living: Fashion, Food and Travel.

 Upon completion learners will receive a Certificate of Accomplishment, so long as they’ve gone through the entire course, taken all the assessments, and participated in at least 8 of the in-person meetings.

βœ“ And finally, the Accelerator experience includes:

Group Kick-Off meeting

→  Individually Graded Assessments

→  Progress Updates

→  Goals driven meetings (as required by, and specific to, each brand)


For those that complete 100% of the requirements:

  • Certificate of Completion
  • Underswell Movement Coffee Mug or Hat (US residents only))
  • Hard Copy of Project Drawdown (US residents only)

This is a fantastic TEAM BUILDING experience!

Join other great brands that have gone though or are going through the program (like Billabong, Quiksilver, Roxy,
RVCA, DC Shoes Element, New Balance, RicherPoorer and Zumiez) today by booking a call to get started.

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What are brands saying?


“So thankful to have had this opportunity and will continue to use this additional education going forward in both my professional and personal future. Derek Sabori is such an amazing professor! I highly recommend the course to anyone seeking to learn more about sustainability and how to utilize eco-friendly practices in the apparel, footwear and accessories industries.” – Jessica S., Roxy

About Derek.

An apparel industry veteran with more than 24 years in the action sports/lifestyle industry and two degrees (BA, MBA) from UC Irvine, Derek balances multiple roles, all revolving around sustainability & mindfulness, and the apparel industry. He’s a co-founder at Kozm, a consultant to lifestyle brands, a former college instructor, and an entrepreneur, helping brands, individuals, and students start, strengthen, and scale meaningful sustainability programs through foundational education, solid understanding, compelling storytelling, and best-in-class solutions.


It's So Easy...Here's Your 'What To Do Next' List:


1. Get budget approval (I know how that goes ;)

2. Select the recurring day/time for your Group Coaching appointments with me

3. Enroll up to 25 people with your company email

4. Choose your payment plan and make your first installment 

5. Schedule your Kick-Off Meeting with me and your learners

6. Attend your brand’s first team meeting at the scheduled time

7. Encourage (or incentivize) your team to keep up, attend the rest of the meetups and make use of the Sustainable Apparel Academy

8. Start networking with other industry professionals that are in the Academy as well

9. Start making sustainability culture at your brand!

10. And of course, become a part of the solution and start digging us out of this climate emergency we’re in.

The future of our industry needs your brand now more than ever… 

It’s not too late. But, don’t be left behind. 

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