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Level 1: Lesson 01 - Key Sustainability Concepts

Start your sustainability learning journey here! 

Our School of Understanding course consists of 2 Parts and a total of 24 lessons. This is the 1st Lesson in Part 1... where everyone starts.

What you'll get:

  • The video lecture - 45 mins.
  • A 10 question quiz to assess your knowledge.
  • Lecture links (so you can learn more on your own)
  • Additional Resources (other things we think you should know about)

Our courses are progressive, so before you can get access to additional courses, you have to complete the foundational learning (lessons 01-04).

You'll have access to this course for 30 days, or as long as you're a monthly member.

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What People Are Saying:

These courses gave credibility and facts to the big-picture understanding that I (had previously) but didn't necessarily have the terminology and industry terms to articulate in a modern vernacular.

Maia A. | Apparel Industry Designer

Going into the course I knew little about sustainability, and now I feel equipped to hold a job position in fashion sustainability. The course changed my life in how I see fashion, nature and the resources we use. I use the course principles every day of my life from the products I purchase to the food I eat.

Jeff M. | Lead Apparel Designer, Billabong