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We offer 3 Levels of Advancement and 2 Ways to Learn:

  • Expert-led group experiences called Sustainability Accelerators for companies and brands. Special group pricing is available.
  • Self-Guided & Self-Paced lessons that come with online support. 

Lessons can be purchased and taken one-at-a-time or via special package pricing for those who want to commit to a group of lessons and Level Up.

Get the same training employees at New Balance, Quiksilver, Billabong, Zumiez, RVCA, Blue Tomato, ASICS, and more have chosen.

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Special Self-Guided Level-Up Package Prices for Individuals:

Level 1 Pkg.

Two payments of $77.50

Commit to the first 4 Core Essentials ($174 value) now for $155 and lock in a 16% savings and 60 daysโ€™ access.

  • 4 Lessons, 6 Lectures - Everything in Level 1
  • 4.5 hours of video content
  • 2 Month's access to course material and Member Resource Center
  • A GOOD DEAL at 16% savings.

Level 2 Pkg.

Two payments of $149.50

Commit to all 8 Lessons in Level 1 and Level 2 featuring 3 months' access ($368 value) for just $299.

  • 8 Lessons, 12 Lectures - Everything in Levels 1 and 2
  • 10 hours of video content
  • 3 Months' access to course material and Member Resource Center
  • A GREAT DEAL at 19% savings

Level 3 Pkg.

Two payments of $364.50

In the Apparel Industry? Get 6 months' access to the Entire Course (Levels 1, 2, and 3 - Professional Proficiency) now for as low as $121.50 per month for 6 months.

  • All 25 Lessons
  • 24 hours of video content
  • 6 Months' access to course material and Member Resource Center
  • Our BEST DEAL at 20% savings
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The School of Understanding - 3 Levels of Advancement

Course details below

Level 1 - Sustainability Essentials

Everyone starts with the 4 Core Essential Lessons before moving on to additional topics. This is your foundational learning and these lessons are good for anyone, in any role, in any industry:

Level 1 - Core Competency - Consists of 4 Core Lessons, 4.5 hrs of video content + resources ($174 Value)

  • Lesson 01 ($29) - Key Concepts - The must-know language and concepts of sustainability & climate change (45-minute). Enroll in Lesson 1 a la carte now, or click below if you want this entire group of lessons.
  • Lesson 02 ($29) - How We Got Here - The history of the modern environmental movement (45-minutes)
  • Lesson 03 ($58) - What Matters - The top environmental & social concerns of our time (2-part lesson, 90-minutes)
  • Lesson 04 ($58) - Life Cycle Thinking - Considering impacts across the entire value chain (2-part lesson, 95-minutes)  
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Level 2 - Supply Chains & The Triple Bottom Line

After Level 1, we offer a progressive set of 4 Next Level Lessons that build on what you learned in those earlier core, essential lessons. Start applying those foundational principles. Also good for anyone, in any role, in any industry:

Level 2 - Next Level Understanding - Consists of Level 1 Lessons + 4 Next Level Lessons. An additional 5.25 hrs of video content + resources ($174 Value)

  • Lesson 05 ($58) - Reporting & Ranking - Reporting & assessing sustainability w/ rankings & consumer sentiment (2-part lesson, 105-minutes)
  • Lesson 06 ($48) - The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - The history and a detailed look (2-part lesson, 85-minutes)
  • Lesson 07 ($39) - Nonprofits, NGOs and Certifications - A look at who does what and what to look for (70-minutes)
  • Lesson 08 ($29) - Sustainable Living - How to live a sustainable lifestyle in modern times (55-minutes) 
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Level 3 - Thirty Years of Sustainability in the Apparel Industry, 1990 - 2020

In the Apparel Industry? 

Once you’ve completed the 8 lessons that make up Level 1 and Level 2, it’s time to move on to Level 3. This is a breakdown of all the pivotal points over the last 30 years and a chronological evolution of where we’ve been, and where we need to go. It's all accompanied by further explanations and insights from your instructor.

Level 3 - Professionally Proficient - Consists of 12 chronological industry-focused lessons (09-21), 14.25 hrs of video content + resources ($525 Value)

  • Lesson 09 ($78) - History of Sustainable Fashion - A 30-year timeline that might surprise you (2-part lesson, 125-minutes)
  • Lesson 10 ($39) - Fashion Revolution’s Transparency Index (2016-2017) - A dive into how it came about, and what it aimed to do (60-minutes)
  • Lesson 11 ($48) - Pulse of the Fashion Industry 2017 Report Review - A look back at the insights uncovered in this transformative report (80-minutes)
  • Lesson 12 ($39) - A New Textiles Economy, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, a Report Review - One of the early reports & guides that outlined a circular economy (60-minutes)
  • Lesson 13 ($39) - 2017 Fashion at the Crossroads, Greenpeace. A Report Review - The powerhouse NGO pushes back on the Pulse Report and offers some advice of its own (55-minutes)
  • Lesson 14 ($39) - Pulse Curve + CEO Agenda 2018 - Report Review - Global Fashion Agenda is back with a new report and specific advice for CEOs (70-minutes)
  • Lesson 15 ($39) - Fashion Revolution’s Transparency Index 2018-2019 - Report Review - The transparency advocate is back with more ratings, new brands, and new spotlight topics (70-minutes)
  • Lesson 16 ($39) - Pulse Update + CEO Agenda 2019 - Report Review - Global Fashion Agenda updates its language, has additional strategy advice and offers a look at consumer insights (65-minutes)
  • Lesson 17 ($39) - Stand.Earth’s Fossil Free Fashion 2020 + Transparency Index 2020 updates - Not so fast says, the NGO. Plus, the Transparency Index, now firmly in the industry vernacular, continues to mature and evolve (70-minutes)
  • Lesson 18 ($48) - KPMG x Textile Exchange, SDGs - Report Review - The well-known consulting firm teams up with our industry’s sustainable material experts for a look at the SDGs and where they align in the apparel industry (105-minutes)
  • Lesson 19 ($39) - Global Fashion’s CEO Agenda, 2020 - One last look at how this powerful playbook has evolved and where it’s landed (50-minutes)
  • Lesson 20 ($39) - Course Wrap-Up + Final thoughts and advice from your instructor. I’ll give you my top 16 takeaways and things to keep in mind as your journey continues (50-minutes)
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You: "Some of these topics look great! Can I jump into Part 2 now?" 

Us: We’ve designed this system so that you go through ALL of the lessons in Part 1 (in the order we built them) before moving on to Part 2.

We have found that this is the most effective way to make the knowledge stick and to best prepare you for future learning.

If you’re specifically interested in the Apparel, Accessories, and Footwear Industry, you’ll appreciate the industry perspective that is Level 3’s main focus, so stay steadfast; you got this!

What are clients saying?


Thanks so much! It was a great experience for me, and I feel much more aware about sustainability now and prepared to apply the concepts towards my reality in the product creation team at New Balance.

Your knowledge and passion about the theme made all the difference. - Rodrigo, Business Unit Manager


I really appreciated the tone of the educational delivery: Derek delivers with optimism, and constructive energy - on top of stark, fact-based science & study from progressive thought-leaders. Frankly, taking this course felt very empowering and ignited and a fresh fire in my soul. - M. Anderson, Design Professional

About Derek.

I've been a part of the apparel industry for more than 25 years.

But perhaps like you, I didn't learn about sustainability until I was deep into my career.

I made these courses and workshops and developed this method to get the sustainability knowledge I’ve acquired over the last 15 years straight to you and your team in the most efficient - yet thorough and effective - way possible. Learn the essentials, get access to resources, and begin making progress immediately.

Additionally, I know this industry, from the inside, out - I’ve co-founded and launched my own sustainable fashion brand KOZM, been a Global VP of Sustainability for the iconic brand Volcom, worked directly with, and learned from, the world-class Sustainability team at the global luxury group Kering for 4+ years, developed and taught sustainability in fashion courses (a 3-semester certificate program) at Orange Coast College, and have worked with lifestyle brands you’ll surely recognize like: New Balance, Roark, Quiksilver, RVCA, Billabong, Sami Miro, and PJ Salvage,  and have been called on to contribute to projects and events at Snowsports Industries America (SIA), Outdoor Industry Association (OIA), GreenStory, Seeding Change, SIMA, and more.



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