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Before we can into the rich, ever-evolving, and sometimes complex concepts associated with sustainability & climate action, we need to build up a strong foundation that you can forever build upon. What does “sustainable” even mean?? How do business and nature intersect and why does it matter? In this lesson, we’re going to dive into these topics (and more!) to help you build a foundational understanding of why sustainability matters and how you can start to address it at home and at work.


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What do you get?

Everyone starts with this Essential Lesson. It's the very first one in our series and it sets the tone for everything else. This is your foundational learning and these topics are a must for anyone, in any role, in any industry who wants to continue learning about sustainability, sustainable development, and climate action.

Lesson 01 - Key Concepts - The must-know language and concepts of sustainability & climate change

✔️ 45-minute video lecture that will touch on topics like:

  • Sustainability as a concept
  • Ecosystems & Biodiversity
  • Defining sustainability
  • People impacts
  • Interconnectivity
  • Linear vs circular approaches
  • The triple bottom line concept
  • Stakeholder approach
  • Ethics
  • Corporate social responsibility, and more.

✔️ 10-Question quiz to assess your learning

✔️ Links PDF so you can have the web links for topics mentioned in the video

✔️ Key Takeaways - PDF Learning Guide takeaway

✔️ Beyond the Lecture - Additional resources

✔️ 30 Days' access* to the course materials

✔️ 30 Days' access to our Member Resource Center

✔️ 30 Days' access to our Communities Support Space (for topic-specific chats)

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This is a movement and there's nothing else like it.


Back in 2009, as I settled into my assigned role as Head of Sustainability for the well-known, publicly-traded company, Volcom, I realized that I had a lot to learn on the subject. So, like any good student, I got to work.

But, when I started to dive into industry reports, scour through editorials, attend conferences, and meet with specialists in the space, I constantly found myself asking, “Wait, what is that word? Who is that organization? What is that acronym? Who is that person?”

And, the more I dove in to teach myself, the more rabbit holes I discovered. I was unraveling a world of information that, while not new in and of itself, was completely new (if not foreign) to me.

With more than 10 years of industry experience at the time and a Master’s Degree in business from a top-ranked university (zot-zot!), I was feeling knocked back on my heels. I was constantly asking myself: 

Why do I not already know this? 

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The Underswell Transformation Method

Our proven 10-point flow, the one we use for all our programs, goes like this:

  1. Learn the fundamentals (Educate)
  2. Familiarize yourself with the past (Educate)
  3. Accumulate reliable resources (Empower)
  4. Talk with your peers (Educate/Empower)
  5. Stay current and up to date (Empower)
  6. Learn from experts (Educate/Empower)
  7. Stay future-minded and forward-looking (Educate/Empower)
  8. Activate and apply what you’ve learned (Activate)
  9. Hold yourself accountable
  10. Communicate your efforts

Our industry is counting on you, and your sustainability department can’t do it alone. Let’s get the rest of your team fluent in the language of sustainability.

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“I have been a designer in the fashion industry for 13 years and I still learned things I never knew before I took The School of Understanding courses. It has helped my design and product development process from the materials I choose to how the garment is made. I can now teach my team on how we can make a better impact in our industry and to keep learning. Knowledge is power!” 


“Derek delivers with optimism, and constructive energy - on top of stark, fact-based science & study from progressive thought-leaders. Frankly, taking this course felt very empowering and ignited and a fresh fire in my soul.”


“These courses are highly beneficial for anyone working in marketing/creative, design, sales, customer service/social media, production, sourcing and leadership.  They are made for anyone keen on progressing their career and personal grasp of critically important global issues. The education provides a lens that truly throws a filter on every inch of your personal & professional life.” 

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