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✔️ Everything is interconnected.
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The Underswell is a central meeting place for people working across multiple industries, and multiple roles, to come together and drive forward sustainability and climate ACTION at the brands they work at. 

This is a from-the-ground-up initiative where you can:

 -> Find/meet with others who are doing the same, 

-> Get educated, 

-> Stay inspired, 

-> Gather resources, and 

-> Obtain the necessary training required to help drive our industries forward.

Join the Movement. Our industry is counting on you.

If you work in "the industry"...


You and I both know that sustainability is complex and that the climate emergency is upon us and more urgent than ever.


The problem is, for too long the sustainability knowledge that’s required to tackle these issues has been reserved for one department, and sometimes just one person; the sustainability “experts.”

It’s not something that we learned in school, or along our career development path. So, the rest of us are stuck asking ourselves in frustration…


Where the heck do we start?”

I know this from experience [read my story here].


Understanding the language of sustainability has become expected of us all. And we ALL need to be working toward it.


As my sustainability role was developing, I needed one place I could go to efficiently network, gather foundational knowledge, resources, and insights, and stay up to date on it all in a manner that was relevant to me in an apparel industry brand. 


I couldn’t find that one place


I'm Derek Sabori, and after years of piecing it all together, and seeing all the silos that exist, I created The Underswell to change that.

This is where the industry meets on sustainability.


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