The Underswell is a movement to ACCELERATE sustainability & climate ACTION in the apparel industry through Education, Motivation, Inspiration, and Resources.

We empower YOUR team to make YOUR brand more sustainable.

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Is Sustainability OVERWHELMING, or DRIVING Your Apparel Brand?


Yes, sustainability in the apparel industry is complex, but it is THE product differentiator of our time.

If your team is not confident and competent in the sustainability matters that are driving forward this new economy, your brand is missing out on a massive opportunity.

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Accelerate sustainability at your brand with our sustainability masterclass. This is a 12-week guided cohort made specifically for small groups of super learners within brands. Our signature offering that trains your trainers.

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A one-stop-digital-shop for all your employees featuring a steady flow of self-guided, industry-specific sustainability knowledge, insights, and current events, members-only networking, and multi-brand meetups

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A library of live sustainability in the industry workshops & presentations to kick-off or help drive sustainability learning even further. Good for intimate and large employee groups at all levels. Stand-alone engagement or add-on.

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You and I both know that sustainability is complex and the climate emergency is upon us and more urgent than ever. 

The problem is, for too long the sustainability knowledge that’s required to tackle these issues has been reserved for one department, and sometimes just one person. 

It’s not something that we learned in school, or along our career development path. So, the rest of us are stuck asking ourselves in frustration… “where the heck do we start?”

I know this from experience.

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I'm Derek Sabori, an apparel industry veteran with more than 26 years of experience.

I’m the former VP of Sustainability for Volcom, a former Sustainable Fashion college instructor, and a co-founding brand builder turned sustainability consultant and coach to brands. 

11 years ago, I was assigned as the head of the newly created sustainability department at the brand Volcom and I found myself asking that same question. Where do I start!?

I immediately understood that in order to have any effect, I had to dive in and learn as much as I could about topics that were BARELY touched on in my previous 10 years of industry experience or in my Master’s degree in Business…

And the more I learned, the more complex and intertwined it all became. 

I quickly realized that there was SO MUCH to explore and that the average industry professional had SO LITTLE time to dedicate to this (I could barely keep up, and it was my full-time job!). 

But, even so...

Understanding the language of sustainability has become expected of us all.

Like you, I needed one place I could go to efficiently gather foundational knowledge, resources, and insights, and stay up to date on it all in a manner that was relevant to me in an apparel industry brand. 

I couldn’t find that one place. And after years of piecing it all together, I created The Underswell to change that. 

The Underswell helps apparel industry professionals achieve confidence and competence on the sustainability matters that are powering the new economy. It’s done through a transformational learning system developed by an industry expert specifically for brands. 

My goal is to make sustainability a true part of your brand's - and our industry’s - culture.

Sustainability is a topic that is complex and more urgent than ever. But, it’s also one of the biggest economic opportunities of our lifetime. 

So, let’s get your brand ready.

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Going into the course I knew little about sustainability, and now I feel equipped to hold a job position in fashion sustainability. The course changed my life in how I see fashion, nature and the resources we use. I use the course principles every day of my life from the products I purchase to the food I eat.


J. M.

Lead Apparel Designer

Surf Industry


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