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UNDERSTAND SUstainability


I help you thoroughly understand the concepts of Sustainability, the Triple Bottom Line, and Social Responsibility, and incorporate it all into your career & lifestyle.


ABOUT derek

My passion and expertise lie at the intersection where environmental & social sustainability, brands, products, and education collide; especially, apparel and lifestyle goods. I’ve been in the space now for more than 20 years.


I cut my chops working in the Design Department at the brand Volcom, and ultimately turned my Merchandising Director position into a VP of Global Sustainability role. I worked under Kering’s sustainability team’s guidance for five years, and have co-founded and built my own Certified B Corp, Kozm; a brand built mindfully, for mindfulness. And, most recently, I developed and teach three different Sustainable Fashion courses at Orange Coast College; it’s become a first of its kind certificate program.

Whether you’re a brand, a service provider, a student, a professional, or a conscious consumer looking for advice and guidance, I can help you.


When I'm not being hired to help infuse Triple Bottom Line thinking, actions, and solutions into businesses or your life, I'm sharing my sustainability journey and insights to help you with yours.

See my full bio here on LinkedIn.

CLIENTS & Partners

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the underswell SERVICES

"In working with sustainability professionals for almost 15 years, there’s no one as effective as Derek Sabori...I’m so impressed by his approach to change-making. It’s practical and real. He’s both a collaborator and a get-things-done type of leader."

Evan marks, THe ecology center

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