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If you are in the APPAREL, FOOTWEAR, or LIFESTYLE GOODS industry, and are learning about, interested in, and/or tackling SUSTAINABILITY & the role we play in the CLIMATE CRISIS... 
We are here for you.

Ready to be a part of The Movement to make the company you work at More Sustainable*?

We are bringing the professionals - working in every role -  of the apparel, footwear, and lifestyle goods industries together to collaboratively learn to:

✔ Measure and reduce emissions associated with their business

✔  Enhance the livelihoods of workers at all stages of their value chains

✔  Protect future natural resources

Whatever part of the value chain, whatever role you play… 
you play a role.
Join others at the apparel, footwear and lifestyle goods companies who are taking action

*Yes, sustainability is a loaded word.


And we get deep into that here. But, there's no denying that the brands and companies we love and work for can be - and must be - more fit for the future. 
There’s no time to wait.
We believe the solution lies in the PEOPLE that make up those brands and companies, and that change will be driven from the inside out.
Unfortunately, there hasn’t been one central place to catalyze this. 
Until now…

Join Other Industry Professionals Working at:

This is Where the Industry Meets on Sustainability

3 Ways to Come on Board:



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Featuring live meetups, our guided academy brings the people, in any department, and at any level, of the industries that are making our lifestyle goods, together in one place to learn, share, and create action. Collaboratively.

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Get Training for Your Brand


Using our guided cohort approach, we train cross-functional teams in brands & retailers and empower them to help make their companies more sustainable. Masterclass sessions and multi-week programs are available.

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Sustainability Insights, Commentary, and Explanations. Explore the history of the movement, insights from experts, and a spotlight on brand/product initiatives, organizations, and solutions. On YouTube, our Newsletter, and Blog.

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Thanks to years of building products and brands, and working in and teaching sustainability, I understand the frustration and the urgency of the problems we face.
And I believe that with learning comes action. 


This is why I built The Underswell: A movement to empower PEOPLE to make the COMPANIES they work at more sustainable.

It’s time to bring all the people of each of the industries (not just the sustainability pros) together to effectively learn to:

  • Normalize the triple bottom line concept
  • Measure and reduce emissions associated with their business
  • Protect future natural resources, for all our sakes
  • Enhance the livelihoods of workers at all stages of their value chains

Through education-based content, individual and group training, cross-industry, and cross-brand networking, shared knowledge and expertise, collaboration, peer motivation, and a steady stream of inspiration and optimism, we’re generating change. One person at a time.


Learn More About The Underswell Founder, Derek Sabori

So, what are you waiting for? 


Join The Underswell now and be a part of the movement. No matter your role, no matter your industry, we can all learn from each other.


And in the meantime, push your brand to do more for sustainability and climate action. 


Stop feeling stuck, and instead, feel like you’re a part of the solution (because you are)!


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Going into the course I knew little about sustainability, and now I feel equipped to hold a job position in fashion sustainability. The course changed my life in how I see fashion, nature and the resources we use. I use the course principles every day of my life from the products I purchase to the food I eat.


J. M.

Lead Apparel Designer

Surf Industry

This is where the industry meets on Sustainability.

The Underswell is bringing industries - and the people in them - together to empower people to make the brands they work for more sustainable. 

We need to measure and reduce emissions, protect future natural resources, and enhance the livelihoods of workers - across all stages of our value chains. 

 If you want to be part of the sustainability movement to transform the way your brand makes its product you’ll need training, resources, solutions, and collaborators. 

The problem is there hasn’t been one central place for anyone and everyone working in the industry to: 

 - Find/meet with others who are doing the same, 

 - Get educated, 

 - Stay inspired, 

 - Gather resources, and 

 - Obtain the necessary training required to do so.

You see, we believe that there’s a knowledge gap when it comes to sustainability, and too few are working on too big of a problem, in too many silos. It’s time to come together.  

Thanks to years of building products and brands, and working in and teaching sustainability, we understand the frustration and the urgency of the problem. 

This is why we built The Underswell: A movement to empower PEOPLE to make the BRANDS they work at more sustainable.  

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