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Who am I?

I’m Derek Sabori, an industry expert who served as VP of Global Sustainability for the brand Volcom, built & taught sustainability-in-fashion curriculum for Orange Coast College, and now leads trainings for brands like New Balance, Zumiez, the Boardriders group, and key industry organizations. 

I’ve taken all I’ve learned over the last 14 years and developed a one-stop place for you or your team to build a solid foundation in sustainability & climate change competency. 

Whatever part of the value chain, whatever role you play… you play a role.


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These companies have put members of their team through our course:

3 Levels of Sustainability Advancement Available:


Level 1

Core Competency


Sustainability Essentials

This Level Is: Good for anyone, in any role, any industry.

 Consists of 4 Core Lessons, 4.5 hrs of video content + resources

  • Key Concepts 
  • How We Got Here (Some history)
  • What Matters Most (Top concerns)
  • Life Cycle Thinking



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Level 2

Next Level Understanding


Value Chains & The Triple Bottom Line

This Level Is: Good for anyone, especially those looking to build upon their newly-gained sustainability knowledge.

Picks up where Level 1 ends and consists of 4 Next Level Lessons, 5.25 hrs of video content + resources

  • Reporting & Ranking
  • The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Nonprofits, NGOs and Certifications
  • Sustainable Living
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Level 3

Professional Proficiency


Sustainability in the Apparel Industry, 1990-2020

This Level Is: Best for apparel, accessory, & footwear professionals (or those looking to enter this space).

Consists of an additional 12 additional chronological, industry-focused lessons, 14.25 hrs of video content + resources




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The School of Understanding features

3 Levels of Advancement

designed to help you reach your sustainability goals.


Each course is accompanied by a resource & learning library that is evolving every month, community support, current news, resources, insights, and solution recommendations. 


With solutions for both the individual learner and corporate training programs, we’re making sustainability education created by experts accessible, relatable, and engaging.


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But, wait...

Q: Can’t I just learn what I need to on YouTube? you ask. What sets The Underswell method apart? Why pay for it? 

A: Sure, there are many, MANY, resources available on every media platform available. Some of it is good, some of it… not so much. Some of it is free, and some of it is very expensive. What it’s not? It’s not curated, organized, and systematically intended to get you efficiently and effectively from A-Z. From the core concepts to the latest state of the industry and everything in between. That’s where we come in.


The School of Understanding is based on the 3 different semesters that I created learning content for (and taught) while a college instructor. I started with an entry-level course that evolved to an intermediate-level course, which then ended with a more advanced concepts class.


And that is exactly what you get here. A progressive set of lessons that build upon one another based on my industry experience as a Merchandiser, Director of Corporate Responsibility, VP of Sustainability, and then sustainability consultant.

This is the course I wish I had while trying to figure it all out…

The School of Understanding is intended to sort through the chaos and noise and help you become confident and competent in the sustainability & climate change conversation as it relates to your work and your personal life.


Individually, each of our Lessons features:


✔️ 45-90 minutes of video lecture content (varies per lesson)

✔️ 10-question quiz to assess your knowledge

✔️ Links PDF - Get the links to topics/solutions mentioned in the lecture

✔️ Additional Resources - Where appropriate, we offer an accompanying page with other resources you might find useful to continue your learning journey.

✔️ 30-day access to your lesson*

✔️ 30-day access to our ever-evolving Member Resource Center and Community Support Space

*Course Packages feature longer access.

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The School of Understanding Curriculum and Learning Methodology: 

A little more about how we roll... 

We offer a progressive set of interconnected lessons that create a strong foundational base that you’ll be able to build on for… well, forever. Work your way through them all to prepare for Level Up status.

Each of our Levels comes with a college-level exam that you can opt to take for $9.99 each. We’ll grade it and provide feedback on it for you.

Completion of these “exams” with an 80% or above pass rate and 100% watch rate of all the video lessons earns you the Level of Completion (and a sweet certificate) that suits your personal or career journey the best: 


Level 1 - Core Competency

Level 2 - Next Level Understanding

Level 3 - Professional Proficiency


After your course access expires, add on Monthly Membership for $9.99/month to keep your access to weekly community support, additional insights, recommendations, current news, and more.


Your pace, no commitment. Three purchase options:

  • A La Carte - Get training one lesson at a time, or 
  • Level Up Package - Dive in and purchase all the lessons in a given level all at once for a BETTER DEAL, or 
  • Go All In - Purchase the entire course (all 3 levels, all 21 lessons + 4 months of monthly membership) all at once for the BEST DEAL (Level 3 is best-suited for existing or aspiring apparel/textile industry professionals).
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Going into the course I knew little about sustainability, and now I feel equipped to hold a job position in fashion sustainability. The course changed my life in how I see fashion, nature and the resources we use. I use the course principles every day of my life from the products I purchase to the food I eat.


J. M.

Lead Apparel Designer

Surf Industry


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