why the underswell?

I’m a surfer. Maybe that resonates with you, maybe it doesn’t…either way, perhaps, you’ve heard about significant ocean/wave events, hurricane swells, epic conditions, etc.


These are all things that surfers live for, and guess what? It shows once you’re out in the water…everyone is out there, and everyone wants his or her share. It’s in the news, it’s on the wire, and everyone in the area is talking about it.


But guess what? There are other days in between (lots of them) – and for me, these are some of my best moments as a surfer…sure the conditions may not be the most ideal, but I get waves without the crowds, and I get to keep my practice going. I get to stay tuned in, active and more ready for those epic days.


I think, however, I actually prefer what goes on during this time: A time that I like to call The Underswell. It’s all the activity that is happening in between the hype.


Photo by lugo_lugo

And so, I’ve come to feel the same way about SUSTAINABILITY - in both business and at home. It’s something that happens in between, all the time, underneath the hype and even sometimes without recognition. When you’re following the path of The Underswell, you’re ensuring that it’s always there, engrained into the process and the program. And…you’re reaping the rewards, with or without recognition.


The funny thing is, however, that once that epic day shows up, or your customer or friends start inquiring…you’re prepared. You’re in form, and in tune, and able to handle and participate in that conversation about the Day of the Year, or the latest in sustainability developments, in business, or in your personal life.


Join me in truly benefitting from The Underswell.


Derek a. sabori

Sustainability Guide

I was ten years into my career before I took a hard look at where I was going. Thanks to some bold influencers, and a groundbreaking documentary, I put my career on a new track and never looked back.


I have a BA in Studio Art, an MBA, 23 years experience in action sports/lifestyle apparel, and a network that spans the globe. I’ve traveled the world, I’ve had a VP of Global Sustainability title, and I’ve been lucky enough to work with, and rub shoulders with, some of the world’s most influential brands and sustainability experts.

I'm the co-founder of the brand Kozm; a brand with a serious sustainability commitment and I developed (and teach) a 3-semester Sustainability In Apparel Certificate Program at Orange Coast College.


I can help you understand sustainability better. Ready?


  • Bachelor of Art, Studio Art, UC Irvine

  • Master's Business Administration, UC Irvine

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