Certified Organic | Kirk Aronstam, Pure Jojoba

Kirk Aronstam is an organic farmer and the Lead Shephard at Pure Jojoba. In this episode, I sat down to talk with him about a product (and plant) that I only just learned about. If you didn’t already know it, the jojoba (ho-HO-ba) shrub is pretty much a wonder plant that produces a seed that is pressed to oil and benefits your skin in many, many ways. Special offer just in time for the holidays - 15% discount code: theunderswell at www.purejojoba.com Kirk and his family are organically farming on the desert land his father had the foresight to invest in when the government offered incentives for growing jojoba after the whale oil ban in the US. Ends up, jojoba is a triglyceride that mimics perfectly, the sebum that our skin produces as well as whale oil; yep whale oil. Ends up, we can thank the jojoba shrub for helping to pass the ban on whaling here in the US. Check out this episode to learn about: - The benefits of Jojoba - Less whales, more jojoba - Kirk’s path to farming - The realities of farming (risks, rewards, unpredictability, costs, etc.), especially in the desert - The processing of harvesting/pressing - The benefits of organic and what it takes to get certified - Water use - Supply chain transparency - Farm to shelf products