Purpose Driven | Sevag Kazanci, Co-Founder, Parks Project

Shop Parks Project: Use the code: underswell30 for 30% off your purchase; limit to one use per customer. Sevag Kazanci is the co-founder of Parks Project, a brand whose motto is to “leave it better than you found it,” referring to our National, State, and local parks; as well as local public lands. The unique thing about Parks Project? Each collection of quality goods Parks Project makes, is made with purpose and helps fund a project in our (yes OUR) parks. So how’d it all start? In 2010 Sevag started working for TOMS, the shoe company that helped bring the purpose driven business model to the mainstream...that's where Sevag met his co-founding partner, Keith Eshelman. The rest is history. Full show notes at www.theunderswell.com