The Underswell Story: Seven Year Anniversary Interview with Derek Sabori

The Underswell started after I left Volcom to go out on my own to help launch the brand Kozm and to try my hand as a sustainability consultant helping companies other than the one I had spent nearly 20 years working for.

Fast forward seven years and The Underswell has become something different. After teaching sustainability at a California college and realizing that too few of us have had exposure to good sustainability insights & knowledge, I decided it was time to take that teaching rigor to brands and companies.

Today, we're out to train, coach, guide, and mentor as many people - in as many roles as possible - in the art of understanding sustainability and the triple bottom line so that people can do business better.

This episode was recorded in November 2022 and was a look back at what it's taken to get to where were are today - year 7 of The Underswell!

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Music by QubeSounds from Pixabay.