Sustainability* is a complex topic at the top of everyone’s mind. Whether you’re a designer, retail associate, CEO, or board member, chances are you’re not sure where to start. 

It’s a fact; the more you understand, the more you can do

We exist to train, coach, guide, and highlight as many people - in as many roles as possible - in the art of understanding sustainability and the triple bottom line so that people can do business better.

This is the foundational knowledge you never received along your academic or professional pathway. Delivered in an interconnected, easy-to-follow manner by an instructor with 14 years of professional sustainability experience.

Sustainability is not simple, but it can be understood.

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Tune in to Good Things Happening! A podcast to keep learning more about - and better understand - sustainability and climate solutions. We chat with leaders, experts, disruptors, and solution providers each week to give you insights, advice, and context. The more you know, the more you can do.

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Get the same training employees at New Balance, Quiksilver, Billabong, Zumiez, RVCA, Blue Tomato, ASICS, and more have chosen. The School of Understanding is industry-focused sustainability education to prepare you for the future of business. Three levels of advancement. Available in expert-led or self-guided formats.

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Whether you need help with your sustainability roadmap, communication strategy, reporting, assessments, or engagement, we can help. Tap into our years of experience as educators, sustainability leads, and topic experts to help strengthen and accelerate your sustainability program.

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“We are at a crossroads. The decisions we make now can secure a liveable future.” - IPCC Chair Hoesung Lee.

*Ah, Sustainability - Yes, this is a loaded word, and some might say it's run its course. However, we believe that when viewed through the lens of Our Common Future’s definition of sustainable development and the lenses of the climate crisis, social and environmental justice, human rights, and supply chain traceability, that the word gets the job done. So for now, we’re sticking with it 🙂.

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