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Here's the deal.

When it comes to our climate, our natural resources, the rights and safety of humans, and traceability in our supply chains…

The problems are BIG, and we are doing too little.

Too few of us have the knowledge, resources, incentive, or authority to drive change.

Too few of us are working on too big of a problem in too many silos.

Yet, this is a time where more of us than ever are hoping for - scratch that - EXPECTING a change.

We’ve been waiting for consumers to drive that change, hoped that governments might intervene, and wondered if leadership would drive that change from the top.

We can't wait any longer.


I'm Derek Sabori, a 26-year apparel industry veteran, a former VP of Sustainability for a global brand and sustainable fashion college instructor, and a sustainability & triple bottom line corporate trainer.

Frustrated with the system, I built The Underswell as a movement to drive the change we want to see from the inside out. 

You see, we've been looking at it upside down.

In the past, sustainability has been reserved for the few at the top of an ineffective sustainability funnel.

I know because I've been there.

Today, we’re righting that wrong and putting that funnel on it’s head.

Sustainability must be engrained into each of our roles, our workplaces, and across all of our industries so that we can accelerate action more than we ever have.

Sustainability must become the engine, and knowledge, resources, and insights must be for the many, not the few.


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We're counting on you to make the change at your company.


The professionals working in ALL parts and stages of EACH of the apparel, footwear, and lifestyle goods sectors are coming together to discuss, learn, share, network, and collaborate with each other, and ultimately, accelerate action in The Industry.

Using live meetups, original content, curated content, discussion groups, and resource centers, The Underswell is disrupting the way we will tackle sustainability.

Together, because none of us can do this alone.

Join The Movement.

I believe that people want to do the right thing. And it’s us people that makeup brands and brands make up industries, and industry moves the needle.

So, it’s WE who have the power to drive the change WE want to see.

So what are you waiting for?

Become a member to be a part of this historic movement, and to add your voice to the change we’re making from the inside out.

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*BTW, how do we define "The Industry?"

As everyone working in every and ANY role for ANY company that is part of the
designing, making, selling, packaging, transporting, distributing, and buying of:

Apparel, Footwear, and other Lifestyle Goods for:

Fashion, Outdoor, Street, Skate, Surf, Active, Casual, Fast, Work, Sport, Snow, Resort, Et Al.

That means everyone. Get the Picture?

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