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circularity education sustainable fashion Jun 30, 2023

The circular economy or circularity is one of the biggest topics in sustainable fashion, and while the excitement is justifiable, unfortunately, we’ve still got a long way to go before we achieve true circularity. That doesn’t mean, however, that your brand shouldn’t be prepping and planning for the shift to the circular economy. 

So, if your company is eager to transition into the circular economy but doesn’t know where to start, consider Cascade Circular

Cascade Circular uses an approach that we love - education first! Through different workshops, the team at Cascade Circular offers consultation to any brand that’s looking for some guidance on how to launch a take-back program, offer repair services, and scale a resale platform. 

With three workshops currently on the menu (and available on their website), Cascade Circular can help:

  • Product Design - “The Circular Product Design Workshop teaches product designers how to apply systems thinking and the principles of circular design so that their products can cycle freely through circular business models.”
  • Operations - “The Circular Operations Workshop covers the wide range of simple and complex systems interventions needed to redesign linear retail systems and transition into circularity at your brand. This workshop is intended for operations roles including accounting, technology, logistics, marketing and sales.”
  • Strategy for Leadership - This workshop can be a follow-up to the product or operations design workshop or a stand-alone. Participants represent cross-functional teams and are decision-makers within the company.

The organization is headed up by Maura Dilley, former Circular Lead at The Renewal Workshop, and Nicole Bassett, Co-founder of The Renewal Workshop. Both are well-versed in circularity matters as it relates to the textile industry and we think it’s great they’re lending their expertise to any brand looking for a helping hand.

If you’re considering getting training from Cascade Circular, take their quiz to get more information! 

Circularity is a hot topic - are you prepared to join the conversation? If not, sign up for Cascade Circular’s training and get ready to drive change inside your organization!

Looking for other sustainability training? Check out our course offerings for brands and individuals that cover topics like reporting on sustainability, integrating the SDGs into your company, and much more! Have a question about our courses? Please email us at [email protected].

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