Climate Action in April: 5 Headlines You May Have Missed

climate economics energy government news policy recap Apr 29, 2024

Whew! We’ve reached the end of April, also known as Earth Month, and we’re buzzing from all the positive sustainability action that took place this month. Like a big cup of coffee, the initiatives set forth in April gave us the boost of energy we need to stay motivated in this space.

If you’re feeling apathetic about the state of sustainability and climate progress, take pause and let’s reflect on what's been accomplished just in the past 30 days. 

Geothermal Energy Sparks Revolution in Texas ⚡️

Texas, with a long history in the fossil fuel industry, may be on the cusp of an energy revolution. Former oil and gas workers have started a new geothermal energy company, Sage Geosystems, that could provide clean, lasting energy to millions of residents in the state.

Texas has had a tumultuous history of extreme weather linked to climate change. In recent years, Texas has been in the spotlight for their increasingly weakened energy grid, but if geothermal energy gains support, it could usher in a new era for the future of clean energy in the state. 

An Obvious Obligation for EU Member States ⚖️

On April 9th, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that member states have an obligation to protect citizens from the effects of climate change. This is the first time an international court has ruled in favor of climate protections for citizens and will undoubtedly impact the future of climate litigation in the future.

Climate Careers for Young Americans 🌱 

If you’re in the States, are under 35 years old, and looking for a career in climate, check out the newly launched American Climate Corps. Launched by the Biden-Harris Administration, the ACC seeks to connect young Americans with jobs in climate, conservation, clean energy, and other impact areas that will lead to lasting, meaningful careers in the public sector.

Check out the jobs board here and share with those in your network who may benefit from this work!

Accessing Solar for Millions of Americans ☀️

Following the launch of the American Climate Corps, the Biden-Harris Administration announced their “Solar for All” initiative during Earth Week. $7bn will be made available for Americans across the country, especially those in disadvantaged communities who experience energy instability.

Big Changes to EV Credits 🚙

In the U.S., incentives for buying EVs have been a little chaotic over the past few months, but the government’s latest incentive seems to be the most promising yet.

Starting in 2025, car buyers can request that the old tax credit for buying an EV instead be utilized as an upfront discount at participating dealerships. Currently, the incentive offers Americans who buy a new EV $7,500 and a used EV $4,000 as a tax credit they can use at the end of the year. The change comes after consumers surveyed by George Washington University stated that an upfront discount would help them take out a smaller loan and have a smaller monthly payment on the vehicle.

Climate progress is happening, and even if it doesn’t make headline news, good things are happening out there. Thanks for joining us, and check back often as we explore more opportunities and developments in this space!

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