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climate education lifestyle Aug 09, 2023

By now, you probably know that we primarily focus on sustainability within the apparel, footwear, and textile industries, but as consumers and citizens, we also like to know what’s going on across other industries, within the government, and internationally as it relates to climate action.

Unfortunately, climate and sustainability news rarely makes headlines across the major news networks, but we have a few outlets we rely on to bring us the latest, science-backed climate news on a near-daily basis. 

There are countless other news outlets for industry-specific climate and sustainability news, but for today’s post, we decided to keep it industry-agnostic - aka, no matter what industry you’re in or what you do for a living, you can stay up-to-date on the latest climate happenings!

Here are our top picks for climate news outlets that we highly encourage you to follow too…


Many people who work in the sustainability space already know about the great reporting done at GreenBiz, but this is also a great outlet if you’re the average consumer looking to learn more about climate action across various industries. 

GreenBiz is industry agnostic, but the primary topics they cover include climate tech, ESG, corporate sustainability strategy, and circularity. We love that they aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty with some of the more complex topics of climate action - and do it all in an easily digestible, all-experience-levels-welcome style.

You can read their full library of articles at the link above, or sign up for their various newsletters here!

Bloomberg Green

Bloomberg has been a well-respected news outlet for years now, specializing in finance, economics, and business, but did you know they have a special outlet dedicated to climate news?

Bloomberg Green is dedicated to bringing you the latest climate updates around the world. From agriculture and biodiversity to climate change and sustainability strategy, the team at Bloomberg Green uses an objective approach that still upholds compelling storytelling. Aside from their extensive list of articles, we also love their online series “Getting Warmer” with Kal Penn - an exploration of the latest climate innovations and solutions around the world, delivered with a healthy dose of comedy. 

The Guardian

The Guardian reports on a number of topics around the world, but we always flock to them when we want to read the climate stories no one else is talking about. Putting emphasis on issues like environmental justice, international climate policy, and biodiversity, The Guardian is the perfect outlet to get a well-rounded list of climate-related stories.

We can appreciate that their articles get right to the heart of the issue, using data and peer-reviewed studies to support their claims. Plus, they have a great newsletter if you want the latest climate news delivered straight to your inbox. If you’re looking for the latest science and research developments in the field of climate change and sustainability, few outlets provide better sources than The Guardian. 

Washington Post

The next outlet on our list may be divisive for some of you. The Washington Post is owned by Amazon founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos, and while his climate ethics may come into question, we don’t think that should detract from the strong climate reporting done by the journalists at The Washington Post. 

If data and science don’t capture your attention, explore some of The Washington Post’s articles - they take a more humanistic approach that leans heavily on emotional appeal. While their articles are typically longer than the previously mentioned sources, we constantly find ourselves immersed in the story and following the lives of those most impacted by climate change. 

And the storytelling doesn’t stop with articles - The Washington Post also has a great newsletter, “Climate Coach,” that provides readers with actionable tips to reduce your impacts, and our latest find, the “Field Trip” podcast, an exploration into the United States National Parks history and the challenges that currently lay in front of them. 


Featuring coverage of climate change, renewable energy, conservation, and other environmental issues, Vox delivers with an explanatory journalism style. Their staff of over 100 journalists and subject-matter experts research, report and produce articles, videos, and podcasts that make complex ideas accessible - especially climate.

Link here.

Yale Climate Connections

Yale Climate Connections is a nonpartisan, multimedia service providing daily broadcast radio programming and original web-based reporting, commentary, and analysis on the issue of climate change, one of the greatest challenges and stories confronting modern society.

YCC has been reporting on climate topics since 2007, and you can be confident you’re getting research-based insights.

Union of Concerned Scientists

Union of Concerned Scientists is a member-supported nonprofit that’s fighting for a safer and healthier world. They’ve got a great magazine that requires a subscription, but you can access their blog for free.

Here’s what they aim to do:

Research the world’s most pressing issues, fight misinformation and defend science, communicate with the media, the public, and decision-makers, and mobilize their 500,000 supporters to advocate for change.

Climate news is all around us, we just need to know where to look. We hope you enjoyed the list of our favorite climate news outlets and if you have any recommendations that didn’t make the list or have a question about today’s post, please email us at [email protected].

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