Responsible Activewear: Where to Shop for Summer 2023

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Now that Summer has officially kicked off, you may be finding yourself looking to update the workout or activewear section of your closet. It’s time to put the puffer jackets away and break out the shorts and tank tops! But, where can we find activewear fit for the summer temperatures that still prioritize social and environmental responsibility?

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite responsible activewear to help you on your quest! Let’s dive in and see what made our Summer 2023 list…


Any great hike starts with the perfect pair of socks to keep your feet safe and comfortable. There are plenty of sock brands out there, but few do it as well as Darn Tough and their 100% Merino wool sock selection. 

Wool may sound like a material that is preferable for the colder Winter months, but wool actually has a number of amazing features that make it perfect for summertime. Wool is known to be anti-microbial, water resistant, and incredibly durable - you can wear your favorite pair(s) all summer long and be confident they won’t break down on you.

We love Darn Tough for their commitment to keeping socks in your closet rotation for as long as possible - AKA designing for durability. In fact, they’re so committed to durability that they have a lifetime warranty guaranteeing your socks last, well, a lifetime! If they don’t, send your socks back to Darn Tough and they’ll send you a new pair for free.  


When it comes to what you wear on your feet, the right support matters. In the summertime, you probably don’t want to wear your clunky hiking boots that will likely cause your feet or ankles to overheat. Instead, grab yourself a pair of trail runners!

New Balance’s FuelCell 2190 is the perfect shoe for all your adventures, on and off the trail. Featuring a 3% biobased midsole foam, you get all the same benefits of traditional foam with reduced impacts. Plus, the outsole has rock plate technology to protect your feet on even the rockiest terrain. With sizes ranging from a Women’s 5 to Men’s 14, there are options for everyone.

After that long hike, you may want to slip on a pair of comfortable sandals. Sanuk has been a long-time favorite and they’ve upgraded some of their most popular styles to include preferred materials like hemp, recycled inputs, Leather Working Group certified leather, and much more. Comfy, responsible, and inclusive styles for the whole family!      


Whether hiking, biking, climbing, or a good old-fashioned gym workout, you’re going to need some comfortable bottoms. Finding the right bottoms that fit your needs and support sustainability efforts isn’t always easy to find, but we have a few that we’ve been long-time fans of.

ECOALF has a wide range of activewear for activities like biking, yoga, running, and much more. What really stands out to us is their transparency around sustainability. Under each product you look at (like the Rome Performance Short Leggings), you can see the sustainability report and criteria they’ve been scored on. Sustainability initiatives are only as good as the communication that follows them!

Girlfriend Collective is a favorite among many in the sustainability space and rightfully so. Simple designs, inclusive sizing, and preferred materials make Girlfriend a top contender in the activewear category. Plus, they have a great EPR (extended producer responsibility; it’s something you’ll see more and more from brands) scheme to collect their products at the end-of-life to be recycled into new goods - check out ReGirlfriend to get all the details.  


When the temperature is soaring well above 80 degrees, you know it’s time to break out your most comfortable tee shirt or tank top. Maybe you have a worn-out old graphic tee you’re used to working out in, and while we appreciate keeping clothes in use for as long as possible, sometimes it’s good to invest in a proper athletic top.

If you’re in this position, have a look at prAna’s collection of tops for all genders. As a long-standing sustainability champion, prAna has invested heavily in preferred materials, responsible chemistry, social responsibility, and continues to put effort towards circularity initiatives.   


For any outdoor activity, you’re going to need to keep your eyes and face protected from the sun. While we encourage you to take extra precautions like wearing sunglasses and sunscreen, a hat will suffice when all else fails!

Known Supply offers a wide variety of hats for all of your outdoor adventures. With Fair Trade and GOTS organic certifications, Known Supply is making responsible accessories affordable and inclusive for all. Plus, you can learn more about who made your clothes and where they were made - a key element in promoting more traceability and transparency! 

Whatever activity you choose to partake in, there are responsible options to suit your needs. We hope this list acts as a guide to help better inform you before your next purchase, but if we left something out or if you have a suggestion, hit us up at [email protected]! Now if you’ll excuse us, we have to go squeeze in a quick workout… 😁

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