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Podcasts have become a favorite media form in households around the world - so much so, The Simpsons even made an episode about how podcasts have overtaken our lives. There are podcasts for almost every topic and interest under the sun and we’re willing to bet, like us,  you have a favorite podcast.

We’ll be the first to admit that some of our favorite podcasts have nothing to do with sustainability, but more often than not, we find ourselves listening to some of our favorite sustainability-related podcasts. What can we say, we’re creatures of habit! So, what sustainability podcasts do we binge? Let’s take a look at the list…

Sustainability Defined 

Let’s say you’re a student interested in entering the sustainability field, or maybe you’re a professional looking to make the switch to a more purpose-driven role. Sustainability Defined is the perfect podcast to help guide you on your career journey. 

Featuring experts from the tech, finance, energy, conservation, and food industries, as well as guests from the non-profit sector, Sustainability Defined does a fantastic job of showcasing the different career paths that are out there that all prioritize sustainability. But don’t worry, Sustainability Defined isn’t a dry, overly technical podcast - the hosts make each conversation fun, engaging, and educational without being intimidating. 

Good Things Happening

Speaking of career advice, did you know we have a podcast that can help on your career journey too? Good Things Happening features expert interviews with leaders across the food, textile, and non-profit sectors as well as weekly recaps of sustainability news to keep you in the know. 

Hosted by our founder, Derek Sabori, Good Things Happening is designed to showcase the kaleidoscope of sustainability work that’s happening at companies across different sectors and around the world. As consumers, we may not see all the good work happening under the surface at our favorite organizations, but there are people hard at work to reduce impacts and create a more sustainable future for communities around the world.

Field Trip

Some of us are really passionate about sustainability, but don’t necessarily want to have a career in sustainability and that’s okay. If you’re not really into the whole corporate sustainability (or corporate social responsibility) scene and you’d rather focus on government, policy, or conservation, Field Trip may be for you.

Put on by the Washington Post, the team at Field Trip uses their investigative journalism muscles to get to the heart of the biggest conservation issues impacting the United States today. This mini-series, only five episodes long, explores how our favorite National Parks came to be, how Native tribes have been impacted across different regions, and the impacts climate change is having on these rugged, wild, and delicate landscapes. National Parks have had an impact on people far and wide, but their future may be at risk unless we step up to protect them. Journey through the past to understand what we can do today to preserve National Parks for generations to come.

How to Save A Planet

Are you new to sustainability and the climate action movement? Welcome! One of the best places to dive in and learn some of the sustainability 101s is to listen to How to Save A Planet

Covering topics like how to make conscious investments, navigating politics and climate change, and the small things we can do in our everyday lives to make a difference, How to Save A Planet is one of the best shows if you’re just starting your sustainability journey. We love that the hosts and guests make all listeners feel welcome and that they have the mentality of “no stupid questions” - they love helping listeners navigate the tricky landscape of sustainability! Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that Spotify is keeping HTSAP alive, so if you like what you hear (there’s plenty that binge), maybe send them a note!

The Circular Economy Show

Circularity is the hot topic of sustainability and no one knows circularity better than the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. If you’re looking to focus solely on circularity, The Circular Economy Show is the place to be.

Circularity doesn’t just apply to the fashion industry - food & agriculture, technology, infrastructure, and more can all apply the tenets of circularity. Transitioning out of the outdated linear economy is a difficult, but crucial step to creating a more sustainable future. If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to be truly circular, The Circular Economy Show does a great job of explaining the complexities of circularity and what our current roadblocks are.


Decarbonization is one of the most important steps we, as a global society, need to take to rapidly address climate change. But this often feels easier said than done… Shayle Kann’s Catalyst is out to change that. 

Exploring what it will take to decarbonize the world’s largest and most polluting industries, Catalyst makes understanding climate technology, and the financials associated with it, a little easier. If you’re passionate about emissions reduction, finance, and creating cleaner industries, this podcast is for you. 

There are countless superb sustainability podcasts out there, but these really take the cake for us. Whatever point you’re at in your sustainability journey, we could all stand to learn a little more from each other and there’s no better format to do that than podcasts. Pop in your earbuds and enjoy!

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