50 Ethical Gift Ideas for Your Holiday Season

holiday lifestyle Dec 07, 2023

It’s holiday season once again and that means it’s the season for gift giving. The gifting season is typically associated with unsustainable practices, mainly overproduction and overconsumption, but it doesn’t have to be this way. 

There are plenty of ways to enjoy the holiday season and show your appreciation for others without contributing to our current broken system. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite gift ideas this holiday season to help you get the perfect gift while still prioritizing sustainability and climate action.

Sustainable Products

From clothing to personal care and everything in between, we have a list of some of our favorite sustainable products on the market. Preferred materials, responsible production, conscious design, and more were all considered in our selection of these products - plus, we just love ‘em!

  1. R-series Surfboard from Almond - 100% recyclable surfboards 
  2. By/RosieJane Perfumes - scented products implementing a RSL, responsible packaging, and carbon neutral certified
  3. OurPlace - cookware made with non-toxic non-stick coating and recycled materials
  4. Coyuchi - Home textiles made from preferred materials and offering secondhand options
  5. Djerf Avenue - non-seasonal women’s clothing line using preferred materials
  6. Nemo Equipment Endless Promise Sleeping Bag - 100% recyclable sleeping bag made with recycled polyester and BlueSign certified 
  7. Arvin Goods - soft goods made with recycled materials with an end of life collection program to recycle worn out socks
  8. Good Time - 100% plastic free hair and body care and donates 50% of profits to clean water initiatives
  9. Anact - home textiles made hemp and organic cotton that supports activism around the world
  10. 4Ocean Bracelet - unisex bracelets made from recovered ocean plastics and ocean-bound plastics
  11. Tower28 - cosmetics products for those with sensitive skin using an RSL, as well as using 50% recycled packaging and amplifying the voices of BIPOC entreprenuers
  12. Nudie Jeans - Organic cotton jeans in classic styles with transparency throughout supply chain 
  13. Patagonia Yulex Wetsuits - neoprene-free wetsuits made from a natural rubber blend with repair options for optimal lifespan
  14.  Unless Collective’s The Degenerate Sneaker - 100% plant-based shoe that is 100% biodegradable
  15. Avocado Mattress - bedroom goods made with organic or vegan materials 
  16. Cotopaxi - outdoor gear made with responsible down, upcycled materials, and recycled materials
  17. Girlfriend Collective - women’s activewear made with recycled materials and ethical production 
  18. Allbirds - activewear and shoes made with organic and recycled materials
  19. Catbird - jewelry made from recycled metals and diamonds or conflict-free gemstones
  20. Levi’s Circular 501s - classic style made from organic cotton/circulose blend 
  21. Fab Scrap - buy repurposed fabric for every maker and designer in your life
  22. House of Marley - audio equipment made from FSC Certified wood, recycled plastic, and organic cotton
  23. Vintage finds - from vinyls to home goods, you can get just about anything used! Check out Ebay, Facebook Marketplace, and Depop for all of your gift needs
  24. National Park Pass - gain entry into any of America’s National Parks with an annual pass
  25. Rare and collectible books from Powell’s - one-of-a-kind books from the world famous book store that any bibliophile would appreciate   


Avoid consuming more goods by giving the gift of generosity! Make a donation in somebody’s name or spread holiday cheer by sharing with those most in need - here are a few of our favorite organizations to donate to.

  1. PangeaSeed Foundation - working to educate the public about ocean conservation through the power of art (aka ARTivism)
  2. National Parks Foundation - partnering with the National Parks Service to deliver vital funds used to maintain America’s National Parks
  3. SeaTrees - protecting and revitalizing coastal environments through the restoration of various marine vegetation and conservation of local watersheds
  4. Changing Current - opening opportunities for BIPOC surfers around the world to connect with each other through the love of surfing
  5. Land Trusts - support your local land trust to ensure public spaces are preserved for generations to come 
  6. ASPCA or Your Local Shelter - help pets in need of a home this holiday season or donate a few hours of your time at your local shelter
  7. Surfrider Foundation - dedicated to keeping international and domestic beaches clean through advocacy work and beach clean-ups
  8. KIVA - support entrepreneurs around the world through small loans (microfinancing) to build opportunity for economic growth
  9. Fashion Revolution - holding the fashion industry accountable through campaigns designed to educate consumers about social and environmental impacts
  10. Brave Trails - summer camp teaching LGBTQ+ youth leadership skills and creating a safe space for self expression 
  11. 5Gyres - organization studying how plastic pollution impacts our natural spaces and how we can combat it
  12. Start Network - collective of over 80 global NGOs working to deliver humanitarian action and aid around the world
  13. Nature Conservancy - global organization working to preserve land and marine environments through conservation and advocacy programs
  14. EarthJustice - environmental law group working to protect disadvantaged communities, combat climate change, preserve natural spaces, and much more
  15. 1% for the Planet - working with companies to donate 1% of annual revenue to climate and conservation projects around the world  


  1. Virgin Voyages - relax on the high seas with any one of Virgin Voyages cruise liners, all while keeping sustainability in mind
  2. STOKE - find your next surf or snow vacation spot with STOKE certified hotels and experiences around the world 
  3. Tour a Regenerative Farm - visit a local regenerative or regenerative organic farm to learn about the future of sustainable agriculture - if you’re in California, check out The Ecology Center, Apricot Lane Farms, and White Buffalo Land Trust
  4. Beer and Wine Tastings - organize a trip to breweries and wineries utilizing sustainable practices - in California, we recommend Anderson Valley Brewing Company and Ballast Point for beer and Lange Twins and Adelaida for wine
  5. Outdoor Excursions - depending on where you are in the country, take your loved one on an outdoor adventure like horseback riding, white water rafting, guided hikes, and more - check out REI’s listings for inspiration


We all have room to grow, so why not give the opportunity to learn something new! The world of sustainability is huge, so there are plenty of skills to develop - from those who want to become the pros to those who want to make a few changes in their day to day life, there’s a course offering for everyone on your list.

  1. The Underswell - get foundational sustainability knowledge to help you move forward in your career journey
  2. GRI - learn the fundamentals of one of the globally recognized sustainability reporting models
  3. Kiss the Ground - explore the ins and outs of regenerative farming and how you can participate in the regenerative movement
  4. OCC Fashion course - get an introduction to the fashion industry and how the industry to changing to adopt more sustainable practices
  5. Reconsidered - supportive course for those already in an impact position leading CSR programs within an organization to learn how to gain support from leadership

The holiday season can be stressful, but it’s our hope that this list gives you a few ideas on how to combat overconsumption and get meaningful, impactful gifts for everyone on your list this year. 

Happy Holidays!

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